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First up , to start the new week !
The results from last weeks Netherhampton sale are posted “on the line” now.
O K , so let’s just see how it faired for them this time , out the gate.
Out of the 527 total lots run under the hammer 386 ended up finding new homes .
This works out to a sold percentage of just over 73% which makes it one of the better sales results at Netherhampton Salesrooms in the last few years.
Granted most of the pieces included in the offering were low end but they still moved a lot merchandise in a somewhat lethargic spring market.
Regrettably as in their recent past few sales just a hand full of items breached the £ 1,000 level . Only 9 pieces by my count.
That being said Ms Barrett and staff have once again turned over a large quantity of merchandise so you have to give credit where credit is due , so with that a “tip of the hat” to you and your staff .!!!
As for the pieces I featured in an earlier post both found buyers.
Lot # 427 , Sumac bags , pre- sale est. £ 4-600.00 . Sold for £ 500.00 , right in their stated range . I personally thought with the minor provenance and good condition they would have done a little better . It was however a very common design .
Lot # 483 , Ottoman textile group , pre- sale est. £ 3-500.00 . The lot sold for £ 2,300.00 even with the visible condition issues . Nice upside surprise for the consigner . It did seem like this lot would sell well since it was one of the only real collectors items in the sale.
Next up .
Skinners “on the line ” catalog for their March 28th auction in Boston is live now. Last week the print cat. was online but only showed part of the items included , now the complete line up is available .
This time out Mr Kearney and staff have put together a sale consisting of 335 lots of all manner of rugs , carpets and textiles. So after my first and second pass through the catalog unfortunately I don’t see anything in the way of a clear cut” barn burner ” collectors item or super high line decorator carpet.
What i do see is plenty of fairly interesting items along the lines of the last Skinners sale .
IMG_0027_2Items that are not by any stretch of the imagination high end museum quality examples but do fall into the category of older and “within the reach “of the general collector / decorator buying arena.
In the end a decent group of affordable items .
One lot I did notice and feel is worth a line or two is listed below.
Lot # 129 , Beshir prayer rug , pre-sale est. $2-2,500.00 . Not the oldest and far from the best rendition but a good example just same and a very realistic starting point.
Certainly worth a little of your time to take a quick look.
Another in a long line of silent days !
No fresh news but commerce is moving forward.

Quiet !
Friday the 13th !
Wholly “Super Pi Day ” , 3- 14-15 .
Don’t get it , Google it !
Minor road trip .
Long Beach fair today .
Out of town visitors this afternoon.
9 am ,update.
Nice weather ,nice crowd .
Some out of town faces .
More than a few mediocre rugs and textiles but nothing in the way of a real collectors item.
!0:45 , update .
Out of town visitors arrive and modest commerce takes place .

One more thing.
All comments are welcome but please refrain from hiding behind fake e mail addresses , its tacky and only cowards would do such a thing !

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