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First up rain .
That’s it for today .
The upcoming Nagel auction scheduled on March 24th in Stuttgart , Germany is live on the line now.
After my first pass through the catalogue it appears to be a pretty much a standard “Nagel type” assortment of decent and somewhat fascinating collectors items .
This time around the sale consist of 205 total lots of rugs , carpets , oriental weaving publications and a group of ethnic and Islamic artifacts , if that’s you cup of tea.
The first 25 items in the sale are from a single consigner and include some of the most interesting pieces in the group.
Lot # 25 , Tekke animal & tree asmalyk is creating plenty of pre- sale chatter . It’s a fairly good example but does have some visible condition issues.
Will this hold it back maybe , maybe not ?
This portion of the offering also seems to have very realistic pre-sale estimates which should make at least this part of auction intriguing !
Unfortunately , other than the first section of the sale the bulk of the remaining lots are rather run of the mill with a fair share of low end ” filler” lots to round out the group.
In the end not a great production , but not bad either .
If your in Stuttgart it’s certainly worth your time to take a quick look .
To be open minded a couple of pieces that caught my eye are featured below.
IMG_1071IMG_1072Lot # 13 , Chaudor juval , pre- sale est. € 600.00 . If this piece is any good at all the reserve is very fair , however this item may just do very well for the consigner .
Lot # 16 , Yomut mafrash , pre-sale est. € 300.00 . Same situation as # 13. Underestimated ? If legit a possible buying opportunity for sure !
As always it’s still not where you start, it’s where you finish !
Netherhampton aside , Nagel is the first major spring sale so we are off to a slow start but hopefully the quality of items offered picks up with the next few auctions ?
Netherhampton Salesrooms ,Salisbury , U.K. held their Oriental Rug sale today .
As is their M.O. lately results should be available in a couple of days.
Quiet !
88 degrees but no action .
Viva National Cereal Day !
Out of town visitors this morning.
Other than that quiet.
The only thing happening today , the March Rosebowl fair .
Next week should be by far more active .

Generally speaking the world knows better , why don’t you ? , Sheik Frederich , 2015

Song o the week , Slade , Mama Weer All Crazee Now , on Slayed , 1972 .

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