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By the time i post this you will all know Gilmorechronicles and the Rapistan Review were off the line again today .
My server co. seems to be having a real difficult time lately and they are not being forth coming about the real reason so i will just have to bare with them for the time being.
Since its a “no news Monday” its not a big deal but it does get annoying , that's for sure
Well after a wait of slightly over 2 weeks Mr Maltzahn and the staff at Rippon Boswell have decided to post the results from their Nov 29 rug and textile auction.
Out of the 263 items put up for sale 162 ended up finding new homes.
This works out to a sold percentage of about 61 %.
In the end a mediocre outcome for this Autumn's Rippon Boswell sale.
A couple of the high end items in the group failed to garner any attention possibly because of aggressive pre- sale estimates and overly optimistic reserves or maybe just over exposure ?
Hardly a barn burning turn of events but not a disaster either.
One thing worth mentioning , the 5 early German Renaissance textiles I mentioned in an earlier post all sold over their pre- sale estimates . Interesting if that's your cup of tea as they are fairly scarce items .2014-11-10 12.08.252014-11-10 12.18.372014-11-10 12.21.552014-11-10 12.14.46
As for the 4 lots I reviewed in an earlier post , all sold right at or just slightly above their pre – sale estimates.
Lot # 110 Kalman Tekke Khalyk , pre-sale est. € 9,000 ,sold for € 14,640.00 . One of better results of the 4 pieces .
Lot # 132 Shakhrisyabz Susani , pre-sale est. € 24,000.00 , sold for € 24,400.00. No upside surprise here.
Lot # 172 Tekke torba , pre- sale est. € 1,500 ,sold for € 2,806.00 . I felt this was the most underestimated item in the sale so the minor upside push was expected .
Lot # 213 Rumal cover , ( Kashmir shawl ) pre- sale est. € 4200 , sold for € 4270.00 . I really thought this piece would do better .

Out of the blue today a small group of estate rugs turned up at O.C.G.
This is a very rare occurrence these days so it's a nice surprise !

Quiet !
Commerce continues but nothing in the way of fresh rug world news.
7 days till Christmas so I would expect business to go on hiatus too.
Still quiet .
As it's been lately no action at the last Long Beach fair of the year this morning .
However a promising lead for tomorrow on another small group of fresh to the market rugs .
Better than nothing at the start of a holiday week .

Flakes of dandruff or flakes of snow can both impede you on the highway of enlightenment ! , Sheik Frederich , 2014.

Song o the week , Behemoth , Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer , live , 2014 .

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