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We start off with a great rainy day and move forward from there.
The Van Ham Auction Co.of Cologne , Germany is hosting an oriental rug and textile sale on Dec 5 of this week that features 236 totals lots of all types of weavings. This is a second tier auction house and I don't as a rule cover their offerings because they usually consist of standard “German” quality items .
That said this time around they have come up with one piece that's certainly worth a line or two in a slow “rug news” period .
2014-12-04 11.14.472014-12-04 11.18.45Lot # 72 , the rare and fairly important ” Kang Lilies ” carpet , dated to the 18th century .
This carpet may be 1 of 4 known examples and has interesting provenance .
It does carry a reasonably aggressive pre- sale est. of € 50-70,000.00 but there have been a couple of other early Chinese / East Turkestan pieces that have shown up lately and they have done quite well.
Another other piece with a little history is also included in the sale.
Lot # 81 Silk Heriz , pre-sale est. € 10-15,000.00 . Not a big deal but it's ex E, Herrmann , published in book 5 , so let's just see how it does this time around.
One last thing !
7 days till NYC .
Rain and Internet outages puts a hold on any fresh rug news or business for today !
That said , commerce continues in a positive direction.
Not much to rant about on a on a fairly uneventful day.
O K , so about a little up-to-date rug news .
It's seems our friend J.T. at “Rugtracker ” has been very busy lately and is back on the line with the second installment of his “Doors of Jannah ” Saph series .
This is the second post in this series and is divided into to three sections .
The first titled Turkestan West , the second segment on Indian pieces and the final section on multi niche carpets from the Caucasus and Persia.
As usual this a top quality post well worth your time to check out .
Like all his previous work J.T. has put plenty of time and effort into it and without a doubt it shows .
Nice work J.T. !
The Van Ham sale was held today and in a timely fashion the results are already posted on the line.
Turns out this was a reasonably successful outing for the Van Ham rug dept.
Out of the 236 items run under the gavel only 68 failed to find any interest , one lot # 179 was withdrawn.
This works out to a very respectable sold percentage of approximately 71 %.
Not bad , not bad at all for a sale that for the most part features main stream pieces .
As for the two lots I featured in the first part of this blog post one sold very well but the other failed to conjure up any interest at all and went unsold .
Lot # 72 The “Kang Lilies carpet ” sold for € 110,000.00 w/o comm. A nice but expected upside bounce for the consigner on a fairly rare piece .
Lot # 81 Silk Heriz , Ex Herrmann did not attract anything in the way of serious bidder's and failed to find a buyer. So much for the provenance!
2014-12-05 13.27.06The only other item worth mentioning in the sale was lot # 17 ” Siebenburger ” carpet . It had a realistic pre – sale est. of € 12,000.00 but ended up fetching € 26,000.00 w/o comm.
Again a nice surprise for the consigner but also a decent buy also for the new owner .
Not much to blog about on a quiet Sat.
However , J.T. From Rugtracker is back on the job with another entry in his “Doors of Jannah” Saph series .
This 3rd installment is titled , “Turkestan East ” .
What more can you say , J.T.'s been a busy boy lately and as with all his posts it is well worth you time to take a look.

Sunday silent Sunday ?
Next up East Coast preparations ?
Possible snow !

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