Rapistan Review

Results from today's Groganco rug auction in Dedham , Ma. are posted on the line now for your viewing pleasure and as you will see it ended up being very positive for Mr Grogan and staff.
Out of the 111 total lots run across the block only 13 failed to find buyers . A sold percentage of a quite respectable 88 %.The prices fetched were fair to middling , which was inline with the pieces themselves which were also middle of the road so it was to be expected .
One thing worth mentioning is that there were a number of turn of the century Chinese carpets in the group and the they seemed to have the hardest time . The ones that did find takers garnered fairly conservative returns .
Granted this was a mid- size offering and included nothing in the way of a standout item to create excitement but it was still a very good showing.
On a positive note !
Looks like there may be bigger things to come after the move to Boston proper in December from M.G. and crew !
7 days till NYC !
Viva Guy Fawkes” night !!
No fresh rug news could be good news ?
2014-11-09 11.37.41Christie's, NYC has another one of their , “Opulent Eye” sales scheduled on Nov. 18 that features 70 lots of various rugs and carpets . The group is for the most part decorative in nature but with a few collectable pieces thrown in to add a little variety.
I did noticed one item worth a couple of lines?
Lot # 156 East Anatolian rug . Pre- sale est. $15-25,000.00 , seems reasonable . Interesting provenance. Classic and popular design. Ex Bud Holland / mid west coll. and HALI mag. reference's .
But is it that good in person ?
This week turns out to be a bust as far much in the way of fresh and noteworthy news.
No luck or action of any type at the Rosebowl this morning .
End of another boring 7 day period but there should be activity next week in N Y C !
Apologies for one more weak post in a long line of weak posts but lack of notable events leaves R.R. stuck in the doldrums ?.

Should having fun at someone else's expense always be fun ? , Sheik Frederich , 2014.

Song o the week , Dead Boys , All This and More on Young , Loud and Snotty ,1977.

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