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So we're gonna start the new week off with another auction that features a selection rugs and carpets.
Sotheby's , NYC has scheduled a general antique sale on Oct. 22 titled “Important English and European Decorative Arts ” that included's 24 various rugs and carpets. This is by no means a big deal but it does feature a few notable items.
2014-10-19 12.48.492014-10-19 12.50.41 Two of which are listed below.
Lot # 157 Caucasian Dragon cpt. , pre-sale est. $ 20-30,000.00 . Not the oldest and not in the best condition but still a scarce carpet with interesting provenance.
Lot # 160 , Caucasian Dragon cpt. , pre-sale est. $ 30-50,000.00 . Possibly a little earlier and also in rough condition but again with interesting provenance.
In the end a few nice room size carpets and other pieces round it out to make this a slightly better more interesting small group.
Next up.
Auktionhaus “Dr Hull” , has another one of their “Major ” rug extravaganza's scheduled on Oct. 27 in Cologne , Germany . The inventory of this sale consist of 526 total lots of all type of rugs , carpets and flat weaves. Regrettably as in the past offerings , although a large group of items nothing in the way of a stand out collectors piece or exceptional decorative carpet in the whole group . Just a lot of mid- range entries that look to be in pretty good condition. If your a retailer looking for shop stock this could be the sale for you.
Looks are free so if you have a little spare time to peruse the offerings , and with that many pieces you could see something that suits your needs , stranger things have happened !

Response to the 2nd “tyrola ” comment which is also posted for you all to enjoy .
I would assume we have never met because if we had you would know I don't consider any of my opinions to be errors , EVER.
Just my opinions so keep that in mind.
And I take full responsibility for my opinions , always !
If you don't agree ,so be it.
I also assume that your not in the rug business or you would understand.
It's also possible that your an investor in UDO's operation so your defensive opinion would make sense .
Most all auctions are forgotten and I figure this last Austria Auction Co. sale you so love will be too , Sorry.
So in the future you will come to realize this sale was not a big deal at all just another rug auction in a long line of rug auctions !!
One last thing , people who hide behind fake E Mail address are never taken serious !
So come on out and show yourself !!

Grogan & Co. have scheduled a carpet and textile auction on Nov. 3 in their Dedham, Ma salesrooms. This time around the sale will included 111 lots of all types of rugs , carpets and assorted textiles. Unfortunately there are not any standout collectors items in the group.
It is however an interesting assortment and worth your time to check out .
Quiet for the moment but ARTS looms in the near future !!
A small piece of fresh rug world news.
” Leclere “auction house of Marseille, France has another small scale rug sale scheduled on Oct. 24 that will include 40 lots of rugs and textiles . Nothing to get overly excited about but the group is fairly diversified and features a number of items worth a second glance .
2014-10-19 12.53.382014-10-19 12.55.23 Two pieces I thought were worth mentioning are posted below.
Lot # 6 , Bakshaish small carpet , pre- sale est.€ 2-4,000.00. If the reds OK and it's not overly restored this is a very fair starting point for what appears to a pretty good looking carpet.
Lot # 15 , Shield carpet ,18th century , pre- sale € 18-22,000.00 . The piece appears to be in decent condition, if true easily the most interesting carpet in the offering.
Looks like for a small sale Mr Gissinger did a very commendable job.
Arts opening afternoon !!
On the subject of the ART's show one thing that still bothers me a bit is the teaser detail photos posted on R.R. and the dealers refusing to give any info on the items till the opening . Makes it tough for people who aren't going to attend the show but could still be a potential customer . And I am sure the exhibitors can always use another buyer.
First things first .
Road trip preparations.
Smooth road trip .
Back on Terra Firma.
Long Beach Antique fair in progress .
A quiet end to to a hectic week!

Procrastination may be the worlds worst enemy , don't cater to it !! , Sheik Frederich , 2014 .

Song o the week , Iced Earth , I Died for You on The Dark Saga , 1996.

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