5/12/14 Like you think being HARDCORE is easy !!!

Travel Day .
Bumpy ride in , but no delays.
Possible weather issues on the horizon.
6 am .
Clear so far .
Action starts at 6:30.
Looks like a big opening crowd.
11 am.
Dealers Choice field .
Warmed up nicely .
Massive opening day crowd.
All exhibitor spaces are full.
Plenty of rugs around but mostly mid to low end decorative and beginner collectors pieces.
Nothing of note has surfaced yet.
Brimfield North.
Another huge opening crowd and as far as dealer's go this field was also at capacity levels .
As with the earlier field a profusion of items were available .
This time pieces more in the neighborhood of mid- range to slightly better as far as quality were available but unfortunately not an item worth mentioning showed up .
Back at it tomorrow.
6 am.
A quick pass through the New England Motel field and the usual results , nothing at all in the way of rugs or textiles .
I always question myself as to why I even go through this field but then you never know when lighting will strike and something will turn up.
Maybe next September .
All the parking lots are full so it looks like another big crowd today !
On to the next field , Heart of the Mart at 9 am.
So the field was full and there were plenty of potential buyers .
However , as far as rugs or textiles are concerned not even a good story of one that got away!
No where near the amount of items in this field in comparison to the shows yesterday.
I did notice something unusual, one of the NYC jewelry / textile dealer's that I have never seen here before was set up in this field . Sorry no names.
Last shot for today.
Hertan's field 12 noon.
One other thing worth mentioning the Netherhampton sale went off today in Salisbury , U.K. . Ms Barrett has been fairly prompt lately getting the results posted so they should be available in a day or so.
12 noon.
The field and basically Brimfield itself is packed today.
No empty dealer spaces in Hertan's field either.
Unfortunately , no better than average rugs or textiles surface.
More entry level collectors pieces , bag faces and the like , but that's about it.
I did notice a few better than mid – range American Indian items though .
As for myself I did connect with an out of town dealer just before the field opened and got an early Turkmen piece so the day was not a total loss.
Possible connections on the schedule for tomorrow and one last chance .
That' it for now.
8 am.
For a change minor pre- opening activity, Baluch.
Could be a good omen !
9 am
May's field opening.
Another large opening crowd but one thing that's different about this field from the other's is a large number of unoccupied exhibitor spaces , perhaps 15 %.
Once again quite a few rugs and textiles scattered about the show , but like the others nothing in the way of a note able collector's item emerged .
The only thing that is worth mentioning is one of the local Boston area dealer's did get a very good oversize Farahan Saruk carpet so good things although not collectable are still coming out .
So ends one more excursion to the Brimfield shows . Not a great success but not a failure either.
Travel Day
First rain on the way into to the airport , then a 3 hour delay on take off makes for a long day.
Two trips to the east coast this year and two 3 hour delays , go figure !
Finally back.
Quiet today .
Long Beach tomorrow and out of town visitors in the afternoon.
As it has been lately not a thing in the way of a collectable rug or textile surfaced at the Long Beach fair , but for a change 2 fairly nice Persian decorative ( Bidjar & Karadja ) pieces did . Nothing to get excited about , however better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick !
11 am.
Visitor alert in effect at O.C.G.
And that's how the afternoon will end.

My phrases mean everything to me but apparently nothing to you ? , Sheik Frederich , 2014 .

Song o the week , Kid Rock , So Hott on Rock N Roll Jesus , 2007.

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5/5/14 Knuckle headed noggin rockers streaming live!

Holy Guacamole , it's Cinco de Mayo .
First up to start the week.
Something actually worth blogging about.
Rippon Boswell's , May 31 , ” Major” spring online catalog is live now.
What we have to ponder is 243 lots of all manner of collector's items . Rugs ,textiles , kelims , you want it , we got it.
At first glance the overall selection included in this offering seems somewhat stronger than what was on last November's roster .
Maybe it's just me but I have gone through it like 5 times and that's the feeling I get. As is usual for a Rippon Boswell auction the strength is in the variety and quality of the Turkmen's in the sale .
Perhaps indicating that Turkmen's are still the most aggressively pursued items in the rug collecting world at this time .
This has been my “personal” opinion for quite awhile.
However , Persian city and tribal pieces are also particularly well represented this time around too.
For a change Caucasians seem to be a little on the weak side in this group , but this is a small matter . Here are a few items I felt were worth a mention .
2014-05-05 19.00.372014-05-06 12.04.39Lot # 54 Susani frag., pre- sale est. € 1,250 . Dated early and to my eye from the illustration very interesting.
Lot # 96 Bokhara Saf frag. Pre- sale est. € 65,000.00 . Don't need to say much as the colors and beauty of this piece speaks for itself. Unfortunately it does carry a substantial pre- sale est. which most likely indicates a stiff reserve !

2014-05-05 18.56.07

Lot # 127 The Bailey Tekke Khalyk . Pre- sale est.€ 10,000.00 . This is a published attractive , well known item . In my humble opinion the pre- sale est. is very conservative , but it is just the starting point !
My last thought on this is this , Mr Maltzahn has put together what I feel is a fairly interesting , diversified auction selection and I think it's gonna turn out pretty well for him and the Rippon- Boswell staff.

Considering there is nothing of any consequence scheduled for the next few months
this maybe the only serious opportunity till the fall .
Windy and quiet today.
No change , no activity.
Still nothing .
So as I see it other than the Freeman's and Rippon auction we are moving into the summer doldrums .
Not a thing as far as fresh rug world news at this juncture.
Mother's Day !
24 hours till Brimfield .
Keep your eye on the twitter feed , @gilchronicles for updates from the road.

The aftermath of an extravaganza always leaves you thinking , what's next ! Sheik Frederich , 2014 .

Song o the week , Talking Heads 77 , Psycho Killer on Talking Heads , 1977 .

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4/28/14 , Going ,Going , Don’t Return !!

Here we go with one more slow start this week in a long boring line of slow starts.
So , the Bonham's April 27 Period Design sale in San Francisco that included 59 rugs and textiles is in the books . Results are posted now and for a change Bonham's did pretty well for themselves. Only 15 items failed to find buyers which works out to a sold percentage of just under 75% , much better than this variety of Bonham's of sales have done lately .
The fact that this group included quite a few entry level collector items and not the usual Bonham's mediocre decorator carpet selection might have contributed to the better than average sold percentage.
Granted this stuff was low end and most of it sold very reasonable , but as I have said in the past sold is sold and there is a considerable part of the rug collecting world that's still interested in affordable entry level collectors pieces .
One more thing.
“Fair warning” .
Bonham's has 2 more of these “Period Design” sales on the docket , the first one on May 11 in San Francisco and the next in Los Angeles on May 19 .
The S.F. sale included's 69 items and the L.A. affair features a whopping 17 pieces.2014-05-02 13.56.38As usual neither one of these offerings has anything in the way of a serious collectors item on the roster .
However , the L.A. group does include one piece , a late 19th century eagle Kazak ( lot # 8009w ) that at least looks slightly interesting , but it is Bonham's so more details would be in order before placing a bid .
The pre- sale estimate is a very reasonable $18-2,200.00 which could be a condition/ restoration red flag !
It's pathetic that this only piece worth even a mention in a whole week but what ya gonna do ?
Something that I have been thinking about lately is concerning the fate of the Christies rug dept. With the success of their last London sale but now Mr Robinson moving on to greener pastures in Dubai , how will the rug dept. fair moving forward ?
I surmise only time will tell !
He was very popular in the rug collecting and carpet business circles .
At any rate “Good Luck” to him in his future ventures.
Quiet .
Unfortunately more of the same !
Road trip !
95 degrees , big wind , traffic jams , reconnecting with old out of touch clients , great pieces but no business just yet .
Well , well what we are saddled with next is the Netherhampton rug and textile circus scheduled on May 14 in Salisbury , U.K. On this occasion the group features approx. 490 lots of every kind of rug and textile and 12 lots of carpet publications. As in their past auctions nothing in the way of a stand out piece in the sale but there are plenty of mid range items for you to peruse .
I keep hoping that one day Ms. Barrett and staff will slip up and include a good / great piece , but alas not on this particular instance .
First up today , out of town visitors .
More reconnecting with clients who have not been around lately.
Nice conversation no commerce .
Unfortunately we end the week with no fresh news so I am left with another weak blog post.
Hopefully it will be more productive next week?
7 days till Brimfield.

If “yo mama ” new the difference , she would have told you , but since she didn't you are destined to wander about the universe wondering what went wrong ! , Sheik Frederich , 2014.

Song o the week , Led Zeppelin , How Many More Times on Led Zeppelin ,1969 .

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4/21/14 Hot Tails on High Trails .

From where I stand it appears we are entering a sluggish period as far as the rug business goes. Not much of any consequence to look forward to till the last past of May . We have just experienced a fairly positive “spring ” auction season with the results of the Austria Auction Co. , Sotheby's and Christie's sales. But for the time being all we are left with is dealer to dealer , or direct collector business which as you all know is subjective at best . However as I stated after coming back from NYC last Friday even though there was certainly a shortage of fresh merchandise appearing on the market still most every body I came into contact was in an upbeat mood and felt things were moving in a positive direction. As for my self I certainly agree even though that excursion was far from one of the best , consequently since it's only 3 weeks till the next trip back to the East Coast and the Brimfield fairs I still think things are rolling forward.
All that aside big changes are in the wind for O.C.G. !
Out of town visitors at O.C.G. today.
Unfortunately we are still stuck in slow period .
The C.A. Whitaker and Co. 2 day textile / Couture sale started today , so in a short period of time we should have some kind of indication of how that turned out other wise nothing else in the way of rug business news to mention .
So here we go with a “little ” fresh rug news on a sunny Sat. afternoon .
Freeman's Auction house , Phil. Pa.'s next major oriental rug spectacle is scheduled on May 21 and the online catalog is available now for your viewing pleasure.
In keeping with their usual M.O. the sale consist of 169 lots of mostly run of the mill low end left over dealer type merchandise.
Nevertheless on this occasion Freeman's threw a curve and somehow included one late but scarce collectable Caucasian prayer rug.
Lot # 768 Borchalu Kazak prayer , with a very reasonable pre- sale est. of $3-5,000.00 . Not the oldest piece in the world for sure but if this rug is not over restored it could nice .
Note plate # 11 , Tschebull , Kazak.
One wonders how in a sea of mediocrity this piece floated to the surface ?
O yes , every dog has its day !
The end of another none eventful week in rugdumb.
Not to worry , interesting things on the horizon.

Unbelievable circumstances present themselves at the most in opportune times , always be aware ! , Sheik Frederich , 2014.

Song o the week , Red Dragon Cartel , Deceived on Red Dragon Cartel , 2014 .

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4/14/14 Parlor of Puritanical Joy

Preparations , nothing but preparations !
Tax day and travel day.
Can it get any better ?
No but it can certainly get worse .
4 hour delay on take off , weather .
Rain and possible light snow ,
Yep it got better !
So it's Passover and half the market in missing in action.
Should be a full house tomorrow.
Still a few opportunities presented themselves so it's a positive partial day.
Everybody I spoke with today was in a good mood but felt business was slow because not much in the way of fresh merchandise was turning up.
However they were all optimistic after the positive results from the last few major carpet auctions.
Sometimes things just don't work out the way you think they will and this was one of those times. Not enough in the way of fresh merchandise and what was available just did not look as good on second glance as i did the first time so back to Cali.and the proverbial drawing board.
No harm no foul.
Travel day.
Good Friday.
More airport delays .
Finally back in the O.C.
In the midst of a holiday weekend absolutely nothing in the works .
The only thing to look forward to is the April edition of the Long Beach Antique fair .
Nothing much in the way of rugs or textiles turned up at Long Beach fair today , since it's Easter this is to be expected !
To end on a positive note though , one fresh piece of rug news for your Easter Sunday pleasure .

Rug tracker.com has a new post up entitled ” Leaves of Grass ” .
It discuss's the Serrated Leaf Lattice design .
Check it out .
Once again , good work , J.T.

That's it for slow week but after all the auction activity of late a slow period is to be expected .
Enjoy a Metal , Easter !

What comes around goes around and more often then not may never ever come back again ! , Sheik Frederich , 2014 .

Song o the week , Accept , Stalingrad on Stalingrad , 2012 .

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3/31/14 Saddle up the cotton pony ! .

Like I figured an uneventful start to the new week.
Short road trip , estate sale , moderate score .
LARTA is under way in London and first reports are some activity but unfortunately not enough. Not much in the way of fresh faces.
One small piece of news in this very slow week.
C.A.Whitaker + Co. of New Hope ,Pa. have another one of their Vintage couture / textile sales scheduled on April 25-26 . Not much in the the way of oriental rugs , just 5 pieces but plenty of assorted textiles of all types. If this is your cup of tea check it out you may find something up your alley.
Still quiet !
Out of town visitors and commerce at O.C.G. today .
7 days till NYC .
Back to the auction action on the morrow.
First up today out of town visitors.
Next on the plate , results from Bonham's , “Islamic and Indian Art” sale .
I am sure that as far as the rugs / textiles were concerned in this offering it did not get close to working out the way the Bonham's staff hoped it would .
Out of the 25 rugs offered in the sale only 8 sold ( 32% ) , as for the textiles ,11 offered 3 sold and not even one of the 4 Susani's listed found a buyer .
The one star lot they featured , # 216w , Mughal fragment . Pre- sale est. £ 35-40,000.00 did find a buyer at £ 40,000.00 including comm.
Certainly a substantial price a for fragment .
Nevertheless an exceptionally good one , in a what was a very weak rug / textile offering from the Bonham's rug dept. in an Islamic week sale !
Back to the drawing board for the staff perhaps and I suppose better luck next time .
Now for a much more positive piece of rugs news , the results from Christie's major rug auction.
This group included 145 lots of rugs , carpets and textiles and the outcome was the polar opposite of the the debacle at Bonham's .
145 lots were put under the hammer and only 31 failed to find new homes. Which works out to a sold percentage right at 78%. More in line with out come of the Sotheby's sale last Jan. 31.
However one thing worth noting in comparison to the Bonham's outcome .The Christie's selection was far superior to the their offering . It certainly backs up this observation , if you want good results offer better items and success will follow .
To substantiate this point of view , please note these few “classic carpets ” , which sold for well over there pre-sale estimates.
Lot # 13 , the Bernheimer column prayer rug . Pre- sale est. £ 50-80,000 ,sold for £116,500.00 including comm.
Lot # 20 , Mamluk carpet .Pre-sale est. £ 250-350,000 , sold for £ 782,500.00 including comm.
Lot # 22 , The Dirksen Cairene carpet. Pre- sale est. £ 150- 200,000 , sold for £ 482,500 including comm.
Lot # 96 Ushak carpet . Pre- sale est. £ 40-60,000 , sold for £ 230,500.00 including comm.
Yes , I am aware that these are exceptional and expensive examples but most all the more affordable pieces in the Christies sale brought fairly good prices for their consigner's too.
The 2 items I featured in an earlier post both found buyers. .
Lot # 8 the Berheimer Beshire prayer rug . Pre- sale est. £ 5-7,000 , sold £15,000.00 including comm. Far above the estimate but I still feel it was a good value for who ever ended up with it .
Lot # 90 Tekke Bird Asmalyk . Pre- sale est. £ 20-30,000 , sold for £ 56,250.00 including comm. In line with the piece at Sotheby's but in my opinion a vastly more desirable item.
All in all a very commendable outcome for Mr Robinson and the Christies staff.
Congrats , to you all !
Sotheby's , “Arts of the Islamic World ” is in the books now and the results were modest at best for them this time around . Out of the 35 rugs put on the block only 18 found buyers. A sold percentage of just over 52 %. Unfortunately not a thing at all as far as the results go worth getting excited about .
However as i stated in a previous post it was an unexciting group , especially in contrast to the Christie's selection the day before which contributed to it turning out the way it did.
The few textiles offered in the sale did not fair any better either. All in all a mediocre showing for Sotheby's from a rug and textile point of view.
As for the 2 lots I featured I a previous post they both sold and did quite well at that . A major plus in a minor production.
Lot # 210 , Bakshaish landscape carpet . Pre- sale est. £ 25-35,000.00 sold for £ 52,500.00 including comm. This type of carpet has always been popular and the price it commanded shows they still are .
Lot # 229 Khorassan carpet frag. Pre- sale est. £6-8,000 sold for £ 37,500.00 including com. I felt this was the best and most interesting piece in the sale ,I guess someone else thought so too .
Unfortunately 2 very successful lots does not an important offering make !
So get inspired and try a little harder next time gang and maybe you will have better Luck !
And so here we go with the last of the London Islamic week sales.
Christies ” Art of the Islamic and Indian Worlds ” has just wrapped up and it was a decent turn of events for them . Like I said before this was not a sale that featured rugs but did include 6 early Islamic textiles . Unfortunately for the Christies textile dept. only 3 out of the 6 found buyers .
Right down the middle as far as a sold percentage goes and only Lot # 200 Silk Embroidered Textile showed any spark in the upside surprise department . Selling for £ 17,500 against a pre-sale est. of £ 8-12, 000 . Nice for the consigner but not close to earth shaking .
The one lot I featured in a previous post did find a buyer but but at the low end of the expectations .
Lot # 201 , Silk Embroidered Bohca . Pre- sale est. £ 20-30,000 , sold for £ 22,500.00 . Hardly what the consigner hoped for but sold is sold .
Bonham's , San Francisco has announced another one one of there “Period Design” sales which includes 59 lots of rugs and textiles and is scheduled on April 27th . As is their M.O. a very mediocre selection but this time around they have a group of mid to low end tribal pieces in the sale . Unfortunately nothing is included that would qualify as a serious collectors type piece. That said the items do have realistic pre- sale estimates so if your a bargain hunter this could be an opportunity for you.
After all the auction activity this month this is more or less a foot note but if your interested in affordable items it's worth your time to take a quick look.
One caveat ,a lot of this stuff seems familiar to the So.Cal market ?
Tomorrow the Rosebowl fair and I expect to see a few out of town visitors .
Another action less Rosebowl fair but out of town visitors did materialize so some catching up was in order.
Other than that quiet.

Happy B – Day , Guy Fawkes , 4-13-1570 , !!!

24 hrs till NYC !

Bullets , tears and the long road to oblivion in the crawl space of your mind ? , Sheik Frederich , 2014 .

Song o the week , W.A.S.P. , The Torture Never Stops on W.A.S.P. , 1984 .

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3/24/14 Millennium Intangible ?

Gloomy start to the week.
Commerce continues .
Next up an unremarkable sale at Nagels.
Quiet .
Nothing in the way of results from the Nagel sale yet.
Up first today the results from yesterday's Nagel sale.
Well , I am sure this did not turn out the the way the Nagel staff expected it to.
Out of the 213 lots of rugs and textiles offered up only 75 found buyers. This works out to a dismal sold percentage of just under 35%.
These results were slightly lower than their last sale , on Sept. 10 , 2013 , which clocked in at 37 % sold . So they are moving in a some what negative direction ! Hardly worth the effort from a rugs sold point of view.
Unfortunately the artifact portion of the sale turned out slightly worse .2014-03-26 12.35.09
Just one item took off as far as an upside surprise .
Lot # 1 Caucasian rug pre- sale est. € 1,500.00 ended up selling for € 21,000.00 . A strange little rug which produced an outstanding result for the consigner. This piece did nothing for me in the illustration but someone out there certainly liked it . Must have been much better in person.
Only other piece the Iten- Maritz Medallion Ushak , pre- sale est. € 30,000.00 showed any sort of spark , selling for € 36,000.00 . This was the highest priced lot sold in another wise lack luster offering.
The one real note able lot in the group , lot # 34 , the “Bidder ” silk Khotan , pre- sale est. € 30-50,000.00 failed to find a buyer . The aggressive pre- sale estimate and the possibility of a high reserve could have had something to do with it not selling .
On another otherwise slow day we have the results of the Schuler auction in Zurich yesterday.
Reviewing this sale was a complete waste of time as far as collectors pieces go. However it does give a look at another aspect of the rug market . The Swiss market has always been directed more toward late pieces in excellent condition rather than older collectable items. This offering was aimed right at that part of the market. Out of the 132 pieces put up for sale 85 ended up finding buyers . A sold percentage of about 65% , decent I suppose.2014-03-27 11.45.41
What the Schuler auction house considered to be their star lot in the sale , lot # 632 , Bakshish , pre- sale est. € 5-6,000.00 went unsold. I just can't get past the fact that this piece had a “peculiar ” look to it . It was listed as 19th century but I am just not so sure about that date ?
The one piece I did feature in an earlier post , lot # 594 Zakatala , estimated at € 1,170 – 1, 500 sold for € 983.00. Under the low estimate but they got the job done. The results of this sale , although a smaller affair were much better than the Bonham's , L.A. sale (32% sold) on March 18th which featured merchandise in the same general vain , dealer shop stock type pieces .
This shows there is life in all areas of the rug market !
No word on the small group of rugs that went off today at Leclere auction house yet.
So in a timely fashion Leclere's auction results are posted now.
All but 1 piece sold .
The one that failed to sell was a room size Heriz ( lot 6 ) that carried a reasonable pre- sale estimate but must have had some condition issues that did not show up in the illustrations.
The 2 pieces I covered in an previous post both found buyers.
Lot # 1 Star Kazak , pre- sale est. , a very conservative € 3-5,000 , sold well above at € 37,000.00 . Easily more inline with what the piece was really worth.
Lot # 7 Shield Carpet found a buyer right at the low end of estimate at € 25,000.00 . This piece was not in the best of condition which must have lead to the moderate price.
Next up.
Bonham's , London has joined the Islamic week festivities with a sale on April 8th titled “Islamic and Indian Art ” . And what a “Creative ” title it is !
In the rug and textile dept. the offerings includes 25 rugs and flat weaves , 4 susani's and 11 textiles.
As far as the general rugs go unfortunately there is not piece worth mentioning . The susani's do however look pretty good but are of the more common varieties .
I don't think any of the textiles are standouts , as far as I can tell ? 2014-03-29 10.46.59
Now we move on to the one real star lot of the group.
Lot # 216w , Mughal carpet frag. , mid 17th century , pre- sale est. £ 36-40,000 . A hefty starting point for a fairly small item but make no mistake , to my eye this is a great example.
Quiet today .
However the South Land was shaking !!!
This week ends with a whimper rather than a bang !
Next week looks to also be uneventful leading up to all the auction action at the Islamic week sales in London.
14 days till NYC !!

Settle for nothing , bargain for everything ,you deserve your fair share ! Sheik Frederich , 2014.

Song o the week , Motörhead , The One to Sing the Blues on 1916 , 1991 .

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3/17/14 Your life as a super nobody !!!

The Irish eyes are on us today .
Earth quakes and taxes on the agenda .
That's all she wrote for now.
30 days till NYC.
Out of town visitors .
The Bonham's L.A. Sale just finished up and I am not sure where to start with this but here we go . Out of the 277 total lots offered up only 90 found buyers. A sold percentage of just over 32%. This is as far from a successful out come as you can get.2014-03-19 12.40.01Like I stated in an earlier post this in my opinion was nothing more than a dealer merchandise sale . The only thing that brought any real money were L.A. style room size decorative carpets. There were things sold in this sale you could not give away in another sales room !
And for good prices too. I don't get it at all.
Witness lot # 2275 Chinese metal and silk rug , circa 1900 , 4'10″ x 7'9″. Pre-sale est. $6-9,000.00 , sold for $27,500.00 including comm. So I guess even this offering had a taste of the ever sought after upside surprise ! I never thought this type of rug could bring this sort of return , but as I have said in past posts it's not where you start it's where you finish and auctions will be auctions.
Leaves you wondering who's paying for these things !
W.C. Fields once said ,there's a S….r born every minute !
A few commerce opportunities in the works but fresh news is stalled for the moment .
O K , so Happy Persian New Year – Nowruz !!

Well J.T. at rugtracker.com has been busy lately .
Hardly a month has gone by and there's a new post available for your viewing enjoyment . Titled , A group of 18th Century Caucasian Lotus- Palmette Carpets . Not as monumental as the last post on Star Kazaks , it still shows the man is on the job.
Gracis , J.T.

A small piece of fresh rug news on this finally a Friday .
The Leclere auction house of Marseille , France has a sale scheduled on March 27 that features a small selection of oriental carpets and a couple of them are somewhat notable . The whole group only consist of only 8 items but no worries, it's worth your time to take a look . This the first offering by the Leclere rug dept. It's a small but impressive start so good luck to them.
2014-03-21 11.43.322014-03-21 11.47.28
Lot # 1 Star Kazak , pre- sale est. € 3-5,000.00 . This seems to be a very realistic starting point for this carpet. Rough condition but a legit piece that was pretty good at one time . It's also included in the rugtracker.com post , A Star- Kazak Atlas .
Lot # 7 Shield Carpet , pre – sale est. $ € 25-35,000.00 . Scarce , but not in the best condition however it should create some interest .

Holy Skinner's day .
Let the battle begin !
Plenty of competition , please !!!
In session now and things seem to be moving.
Well the sale just wrapped up and for all intensive purposes L.K. and crew did fairly well for themselves on their first excursion into the auction arena. Out of the 281 lots put under the hammer only 57 failed to find new homes. A sold percent of just over 80 % , not bad , not bad at all. As I stated earlier nothing in the way of barn burners in the group but a nice well rounded selection of items . Something that may have contributed to the success of the sale was keeping the pre- sale estimates down for the most part and backing off on loading the up the sale with pieces that may have been over restored in Turkey.
One thing to note .
A few of the better collectors pieces ( lot #'s 101 , 104 ,105 and 158 ) did very well for the consigners . Fortunately they DID have realistic pre- sale estimates and reasonable reserves which did not put off potential buyers .
Unfortunately the cover lot did not fall into this category.
Lot # 145 Yomut Asmalyk , pre- sale est. $12-15,000. failed to find a buyer. The aggressive pre- sale estimate certainly may have had sometime to do with it not selling . This is no surprise as the piece was very LATE and had been run through the auction mill already just this last year !
As for the 2 lots I featured in an earlier post both sold.
Lot # 68 Quashgai kelim , pre- sale est. $ 7-900.00 sold for $ 1599.00 including comm. In my opinion this kelim had very good graphics and colors.
Lot # 94 Bukhara Susani ? Pre- sale est. $ 4- 6,000.00 sold for $ 5,843.00 including comm. This looked like it might be a pretty good deal for someone out there.
At this point it looks like Skinner's made a savvy move hiring Mr Kearny to handle their rug dept.
So O K , L.K. , kudos to you on your start , now keep the ball rolling in a positive direction !!
Morning road trip .
Back at O.C.G.
Nothing to report ,that's it for this week !

Where as we find these truths to be self evident the rug business is going all polar directions at the same time ! Sheik Frederich , 2014 .

Song o the week , Dark Tranquility , The Science of Noise on Construct , 2013.

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