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Tragic news in the Heavy Metal world to start the New Year .

R.I.P. , Alexi Laiho founding member ,lead vocalist and lead guitar of the “influential” metal band “Children of Bodom” and later on “Bodom after Midnight” . At only 41 gone way to soon but you inspired a legion of guitar players around the world and through the body of work you leave behind will never be forgotten !








Chick Rock Friday !






More unfortunate news this time in the classic rock world !

Via Con Dios , Tim Bogert founding member of the legendary classic rock / early metal band Vanilla Fudge then the great Cactus , and with Jeff Beck in Beck , Bogert and Appice . A truly stellar career you influenced many young bass player’s and that alone will keep your legacy alive forever.

Tim Bogert with Jeff beck !

Unbelivable , 2 legends in the music world in one day !

Rest in Peace , Sylvain Sylvain Jr guitarist in the seminal New York punk/ glam rock band “New York Dolls” and then other projects with David Johansen / Buster Poindexter and many other punk , glam bands . With out the Dolls there would have been no Hair-Metal in the 80’s , no Crew, no Poison , no Aerosmith.

Syl with David Johansen .










Chick Rock Friday !








Chick rock Friday !


So the first oriental rug sale of the New Year was staged “today” by Udo and the A.A.C. Gang at their gallery in Vienna , Austria .

Like i said in the previous review of the sale inventory this was not the most compelling group they have assembled lately but as it has been going for them in the last few years this time around it was a fairly successful outing for them . Out of the total 189 lots offered for sale only 32 failed to attract bidding interest. A sold percentage of right at 82%. Not stellar but pretty good for a January date .As far as the sale itself goes it was overloaded with for the most part mediocre Turkmen items that still sold briskly but in the modest range as far as prices go . One other thing worth mentioning , Chinese and Tibetan pieces sold well but the prices fetched in this sale were weaker than they have been lately . As for excitement and upside pops there were 3 worth listing . Lot #’s 117 , 124 and 146 did very well for their consigners. The two i thought were most notable are posted below .

Lot # 117 , Karakalpak Cpt. Pre-sale est. E 2,3-3,000.00 .Sold for E 6,000.00 + comm. Easily one of the more interesting pieces in the sale .

Lot # 124 , Saryk frag. .Pre-sale est. E 2,4 – 3,000.00. Sold for E 6,000.00 + comm. Age was good but even for a frag. this was in rough condition so someone out didn’t mind and the number soared , good for consigner !

As for the 2 lots i posted in the sale review both sold .

Lot # 11 . Ikat panel . Pre-sale est. E 6-800.00 Sold for E 920.00+ comm .

Lot # 15 . Zili panel . Pre-sale est. E. 3-4,000.00. Sold for E 4,000.00 +comm.

And that is as they say, that . A pretty good outcome to begin year for Udo and Co. with another production scheduled on Feb. 27th that should certainly be more interesting or not !


Next up the Grogan & Co. special Oriental Rug and Carpet sale held today.

As you would assume like the previous special auctions M.G. and staff have staged this one too went very well for them. Out of the 173 total items offered up for sale only 12 failed to attract bidder action. A sold percentage of right at 93%. Considering the time of the year and the current social situation a great turn of events for them .

Concerning the results themselves there was not much in the way of runaway upside pops . For the most part the lots that sold , sold at or near their pre-sale estimates some a little over ,some a little under .

The 2 lots i featured in the sale review both ended up selling slightly over their high but still reasonable pre-sale estimates. Keeping the pre-sale estimates on the conservative side has always paid off for Mr Grogan , a smart tactic in the auction business.

Lot # 27 , Kazak cpt. Pre-sale est. $ 3-5,000.00 . Sold for $ 7,000.00 +comm. Over the high est. but still a decent purchase price for the new owner . Again my favorite piece in the offering .

Lot # 71 , Salor juval . Pre-sale est. $ 30-50,000.00 . Sold for 60,000.00 + comm. Over the high est. a bit but one wonder’s how much the consigner would have got if he sold it himself when he published it in Hali mag ?Smart move ? or maybe not so much !






Chick Rock Friday !








Chick Rock Friday !


It appears Udo and the gang at A.A.C. have already got yet another sale scheduled online on Feb,27th titled Collectors Rugs V , “no reserve”. This time featuring 200 mixed lots of just about every kind of oriental rug and carpet .

From my point of view after a few passes through the sale inventory the “no reserve ” kinda sums it up. This pretty much the bottom of the house cleaning barrel . To my eye not a single thing that even a modestly informed collector would find interesting . Just a large number of trinkets and beginning collectors items or maybe flea market pieces. Easily the least interesting sale A.A.C. has ever staged . Sorry but that’s my overall opinion !


To end the week we have a little bit of upcoming rug auction news .

Next up for Rippon Boswell . Online only rug and carpet auction scheduled on March 13th . No details yet .

And then Sotheby’s , London has their spring “Islamic Art” sale featuring oriental rugs , carpets and textiles scheduled on March 31st.

Bring up the rear is Christie’s ,London’s spring ‘Islamic Art’ auction again including oriental rugs , carpets and textiles on as one would have it April 1st !!!!


The world as we knew it has changed in the worst way , ignorant left wing morons are running wild in the streets with no one to discipline they ! Sheik Frederich , 2021

Dog o the week !

Shitty movie o the week , Thankfully nada!

Movie o the week, Stevie Ray Vaughan , Rise of a Texas Bluesman , 2014. A righteous education into the world of Texas blues rock for the uninformed.

Song o the week , Unfortunately a 3 fer !

Children of Bodom , Was it worth it ? on Relentless, Reckless Forever , 2011.

Vanilla Fudge , She’s Not There on Vanilla Fudge , 1967.

New york Dolls , Personality Crisis on New York Dolls , 1973.

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