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Stick with program and wear a mask ! Viva ! , A.C.B.  Justice “Supreme” Justice !!!! 


This mornings “Islamic Art” auction at Sotheby’s , London just wrapped up and to my eye it was reasonably successful outcome for them as far as moderate excitement in rug world goes with a couple of major upside surprises to spice things up a bit. 
The sale itself turned out like this from a rug and textile standpoint . Out of the 9 rugs and carpets included in the sale inventory 6 ended up selling . As for the 4 textile items in the group 3 sold one did not . There were 2 notable upside pops worth mentioning and they are both featured below. All said and done for a fairly small production the items that sold generated a sizable amount of revenue for the Sotheby’s Rug dept.I guess in a way swinging for the fences on this occasion paid off considering the upswing of “China Virus” cases in the U.K. and Europe right now .Lot  # 448 , Mamluk carpet . Pre- sale estimate £ 4-600,000.00 . Sold for a wopping £ 1,854,200.00 including comm. When i first looked at this thing the colors really put me off but i was certainly wrong in this case ? Lot # 450 , Ottoman Velvet panel . Pre- sale estimate £ 50-70,000.00 . Sold for a well deserved £ 214,200.00 including comm. A big number but the new owner got what i consider to be a great example !

As for the 2 items i featured in the previous sale review one sold , one did not.

Lot # 480 , Ottoman Saddle cover , unsold .

Lot# 493 , Dragon Sileh . Pre- sale estimate 8-12,000.00 . Sold for £ 12,600.00 including comm. i liked this piece a lot and i thought it would do much better but it appears someone might have got a pretty reasonable deal !

The second sale of the day at Sotheby’s , London featuring items the L.A. Mayer Museum in Jerusalem , Israel has been postponed till sometime in November ? with no specific reason ! 


Pushing father forward we have today’s “Islamic Art” auction at Christie’s , London that included 80 rugs and carpets and 4 textile lots . 
From  a straight up sold position this was for the most part a mediocre performance today for Ms Broadhurst and the Christie’s rug dept. staff . Out of the 80 rug lots only 45 ended up finding their way to new homes . A sold percentage of about 56%. Not terrible but far from a particularly positive outcome . There were 4 textile lots in the sale inventory 1 sold 3 did not .

As for how the sale went in general most of the pieces that did sell sold in the neighborhood of their pre- sale estimates . Some a little higher , some a bit of a disappointment . Only one lot took off and could be considered a serious upside surprise. All in a rather pedestrian showing for Christie’s rug dept. this time around.

Lot # 192 Kirman “Millefleurs” carpet pre-sale estimate £ 15-20,000.00. Sold for £ 62,500.00 including comm. . Why , who knows on this one ?  
The lot i featured in the sale review , lot # 150 , Eagle Karabaugh. Pre- sale estimate £ 25-30,000.00 sold right at the high estimate for £ 30,000.00 including comm.

New guitar Wednesday ! the Unicorn !


Today signals upcoming end of online bidding at Skinner’s rug and carpet auction and so far to my eye at 2:15 Marlborough time things are happening but at a somewhat slow conservative pace . But that could all change in the next few hours by the time we hit 7pm East Coast time .  

Just past 7 pm East Coast time and the Skinner’s online auction just closed down and at first glance it was a reasonably successful endeavorer for Mr Kearney and the Skinner’s rug and carpet dept. Out of the fairly substantial 454 total lots offered only approximately 66 failed to find new locations . A sold percentage of right at 86% . A very ,very respectable outcome and as always with the possibility of unsold lots moving after the sale .
As for upside pops and fire works because the over all selection was for the most part middle of the road there’s not to much to talk about . Most of the sold lots were in the vicinity of the estimates.  That being said there were however a small handful of pieces that rose to the occasion , note lot #’s 1037 ,1041,1046, 1048 , 1060, 1095 and lot # 1092 which is featured below .

Lot # 1091 , Tekke silk embroidery. Pre-sale estimate , $ 1-1-200.00 . Sold for a very interesting $ 3,375.00 including comm . Pricey for a very small item , 9”x 9” ?  Keith Haring ? 

I featured 2 lots in the sale review and they both sold. 

Lot # 1004 , Daskiri yastick . Pre-sale estimate , $1,2-1,500.Sold for $ 1,500.00 . At the high end of the estimate . 

Lot # 1101 , Chair covered with Ningshia carpet fragments . Pre- sale estimate $8-1,000.00. Sold for $ 1,750.00 . My favorite piece in the whole auction ! 



Two things . All Hollow’s Eve and of course Chick Rock Saturday . Another 2 fur , fur you ! 

11/1/20 This should give “BLM” and the “Left” something to think about ! Gracias Walter , Sheik Frederich , 2020

Dog o the week , Yo , Miles who you gonna be for Halloween ? , Benedict  Arnold ! 

Shitty movie o the week , Nada !

Movie o the week , Nada ! 

Song o the week , Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons , We’re the Bastards on Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons , 2020.

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