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The results from today’s sale of the “left overs” from the Simon Crosby collection at Dreweatt’s auction house Berk. U.K. are available “on the line” so you can continue your education of what’s currently happening in the rug market at this point in time .

To start off with , although this was not a big dollar event it still turned out very well for Dreweatt’s and the Crosby estate with only 2 lots of the total 47 lots not finding new homes . Granted some of the pieces sold a little on the conservative side , however at least 6 pieces had decent upside pops , Note , lot #’s 1 , 8 , 22 , 25 , 26 , 28 and 40 . 
All said , nothing to get excited about but a nice chance for a shot at some real but still buyable collectors items which is rare these days !

One lot that did catch the “collectors eye” a bit , lot # 40 , most likely a 6 gul Tekke torba frag.with a pre- sale est. of a conservative £ 6-800.00 sold for a well deserved £ 2,800.00 . Cut and shut but with a scarce secondary gul .

As for the 2 pieces i posted in the auction review both sold one quite well , the other in line with the estimate .

Lot # 22 , Salor juval frag. Pre- sale est. £ 4-600.00 . Sold for £ 2,400.00 . Far more than the estimate , as expected .

Lot # 36 , Saryk ensi frag. Pre- sale est. £ 5-800.00 . Sold for £ 850.00 . Slightly over the high est. but did think this piece might do much better .


Next in line , the highly anticipated rug and carpet auction at Grogan & Co. , Boston , Ma . scheduled on Dec 5th and it is up and run-in “on the line” at this very moment for your viewing consumption !
Where to begin on this one . Well as is the norm with a Grogan production everything is for the most part in pretty good condition and Mr G. has , as is his M.O. kept the pre- sale estimates on the realistic side to create a positive attitude leading up to the sale .

The only thing i can find fault in the offering is the lack of a real top shelf collectors item to get the brothers and sisters in the Rug- Mob buzzing. However considering how hard it is to get you hands on something of this nature its certainly understandable .
Concerning the sale inventory itself its a fairly standard selection of better pieces but on the more commercial collectors item and decorative side . Not bad , but not exciting either .

After careful consideration a couple of lots i went back to more than once are featured below. 

Lot # 29 , Bakshaish cpt. Pre- sale est. $ 5-7,000.00 . Been around before but i always kinda liked it .

Lot # 98 , East Anatolian divan cover . Pre- sale est. $ 3-5,000.00 . Not usually my taste but i think the main border of this piece is very cool !  But it looks like it could use a good cleaning ?

My final thought on this endeavor is it’s a decent selection of popular pieces i figure with the inviting pre-sale starting points it should turn out just fine for M.G. and staff . 


And then there is your Sunday “Kivo”  to end the week !!!

One last thing , plenty of action for the Thanksgiving holiday next week .


Dog o the week !

What’s it like to be in it for the money but not in it for the money ?,  Sheik Frederich , 2019.

Shitty movie o the week , Again nothing particularly hideous this week .

Movie o the week , The Martian ,2015 . Watched this movie many times. Easily one of the best movie’s Matt Damon ever made ! 

Song o the week . Phil Campbell , These Old Boots on Old Lions Still Roar , 2019 . Easily the best new song i have heard lately ! 

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