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Starting the new week we have the next offering from Udo and the gang at A.A.C.

My first thoughts on this sale is it’s a totally different direction for the A.A.C. crew than their previous 7 auctions they have staged this year. This time around the production inventory consist of 31 lots of high end rugs , carpets and textiles from an Austrian private collection scheduled on Nov. 16th at their Vienna gallery  .

After a few passes through the sale selection i have to say there is not much in the way of a clunker in the whole group . I am not familiar with a couple of the textile lots but generally speaking the assortment is pretty high quality across the board , in my humble opinion , of course ! 
Next , Mr Langauer has done a good job in not going overboard with the pre- sale estimates and starting point’s which should spark international Rug- Mob interest in the sale itself.

There you have it . A modest in size offering of for the most part top shelf items at the tail end of the fall 2019 rug auction season to make things interesting and create competition. So get out your check books and let the fun begin. 
A couple of lots i went back to more than one time are featured below .

Lot # 13 , Sarkisla rug . Pre- sale starting point € 10,000.00 . Very reasonable for a great example but it’s not where you start its where you finish.

If anyone cares my favorite piece in the group !

Lot # 19 Transylvanian prayer rug . Pre- sale starting point € 10,000.00 . If recent history is any indicator this piece should do very well.



Well todays “Dorotheum” sale is one for the books and i have to say it turned somewhat better for Mr Matschek and the “Dorotheum” rug dept. than i thought it would . Out of the 271 total lots offered up for sale approximately 185 ended up attracting buyers . A sold percentage of right at 69%. I figured that the late age of many of the items offered and the lack of any serious , interesting collectors items would hurt the turnout at the sale but that was not the case , at least this time around . I guess the pursuit of German quality items is still alive and selling well , at least at the Dorotheum !

As for the sale itself , high tech Persian city pieces and Tibetan items sold very well and there were at least 12 nice upside pops to make the auction a little more interesting . 

Unfortunately the 2 most absorbing lots included in the sale failed to attract any bidder action. 
Lot # 37 , S Group main cpt . Starting bid € 38,000.00 . Unsold , perhaps to much exposure in the international Turkmen market already ?

Lot # 205 , N.W. Persian cpt. . Starting bid € 20,000.00 . Unsold , maybe to optimistic  pricing for the Austrian / European rug buying public ? 

That said still a pretty good outcome for the Dortheum Auction Gallery ! Kudos to you ! 




An interesting rug auction has turned up at the Dreweatt’s Auction house in Berk. U.K. on Nov.21st .

The offering consist of 47 lots from the late , great Simon Crosby’s collection. 
So most of the items in the sale inventory are earlier pieces but in fragmentary condition . As stated by “Dreweatt’s” many of his most likely better pieces have been donated to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford , U.K. I knew Simon from the first conference on oriental rugs in London , 1976 and he told me his main interest was in rugs , specifically Ersari/ Beshire pieces with the boteh design and there are none in the sale inventory .

That said , all though the majority of the lots in the sale are frags. and not in the best of condition it should create a modest buzz in the “Rug Mob” universe !

One other thing worth noting . The pre-sale estimates are in my opinion very realistic ! 

Two lots i re-viewed numerous times are posted below .  

Lot # 22, Turkmen , Saryk juval frag. Pre- sale est. £ 4-600.00 . Clearly S Group and one of the highlights of the offering . 

Lot # 36 , Saryk Ensi frag. Pre- sale est.£ 5-600.00 . Pictured upside down it appears to be an earlier example and should do well.


Next up the “Zaleski Collection” auction scheduled on Nov.30th at Rippon Boswell , Wiesbaden , Germany .

To begin with this sale is made up of 162 lots of rugs , carpets and textiles from most every weaving area and it appears most of this group is in pretty good condition . The down side is Mr Zaleski is said to have a total collection of maybe 7-800 pieces and this is clearly a house cleaning sale to get the bulk down a bit . We have all seen the Hali articles and none of the more important items are included in this sale , as they should not be !
That said after multiple excursions through the sale inventory i see that there are plenty of above average but more commercial grade mid – range collectors items to consider and Mr Maltzahn has done a pretty good job of keeping the pre- sale estimates at least mostly in the ballpark.

I personally did not see a whole lot of items that appealed to my collecting sense personally but a small handful of lots that stuck with me a bit are featured below.

Lot # 3 , Shahsavan bag face . Pre- sale starting point € 1,200.00 . The one lot in the complete sale inventory that appealed to me most ! 

Lot # 28 , Baluch prayer rug . Pre- sale starting point € 1,800.00 . Unimportant , but a nice face ! 

Lot # 91 , Sarab mat . Pre-sale € 1,800.00 . Quirky , cool ! 

On a personal note i crossed paths with Mr Z. a couple of times in the NYC rug market and did not find him to be the most pleasant person i have ever met . But that is neither here “nor” there in this case !


Heading straight into the end of the fall 2019 rug auction season only one more possibly important sale to look forward to. 
Mark your calendar’s , Dec. 5th , Grogan’s , Boston , Ma . Not much in the way of details on this one yet by the crafty Mr Grogan ! 

Don’t forget your Sunday Kivo !  

Dog o the week !

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