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A day late and still short of fresh rugdumb news ! 





An other Kivo Sunday !







Sad but not unexpected music world news today .

You are with God now . 

The great rock vocalist  “Eddie Money”  passed away today . Known for his hits like “Two Tickets to Paradise” and “Shakin” his memory will live on through them for all time! 





Nagel Auktion Gallery , Stuttgart , Germany held their”major” fall rug ,carpet and textile sale today and it turned out to be from a rug and carpet point of view a bit of a disaster for them .

As i said in the previous sale review this was about as an uninteresting group of rugs and carpets as you can put together and the sale results tended to show that to be true. Out of the total 170 lots run across the  podium only 59 ended up attracting bidder attention. A sold percentage of right at 33% , certainly not what they were looking for !

As for excitement there were a couple of good upside pops but not enough to make the sale be considered a success .

Lot # 68a , Kashan cpt . Pre- sale est. € 3,000.00 . Sold for € 12,500.00 .

Lot # 113 , Anatolian multi arch kelim . Pre- sale est. € 2800.00 . Sold for € 13,000.00 . Published M. Volkmann , 1982 . 

One minor bright spot at the end sale.

There were 31 lots of rug literature included at the tail end of the sale and 19 of those lots sold so it appears there are still some folks out there trying to learn a bit about the rug and carpet world which is good . 

All in all decent try by the Nagel crew, better luck next time ! 


Travel day , NYC !


First thoughts are the market is more fractured than ever. 


Better than expected results on this excursion to NYC ! 


Return day , on the way home !


This Sunday ?


Via con Dios , Robert Hunter . Song writer who along with with Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead penned some of their most well known songs . A long and fruitful life, your songs will keep you memory alive !



Christie’s , London has their fall major Islamic Art sale scheduled on Oct. 24th , titled ” Art of the Islamic and Indian Worlds” live “on the line” now for your viewing pleasure. This time around the rug , carpet and textile portion of the sale features 4 textile lots , 5 susani’s and 85 rugs and carpets. 

Unfortunately from a collectors standpoint there are no Turkmen bags , Baluch items , South Persian trappings or sumak bags included in the sale .

There  are however many many good to great pieces from all the other major weaving areas . 

As usual with an L. B. production fancy city rugs and room size decorative carpets are well represented and there is a decent selection of collectable Caucasian and Turkish items a few of which are in the classic arena.

All in all up to this point in the fall rug auction Ms Broadhurst offering is the best looking sale so far , but the season is young !  

A couple of lots that caught my eye are posted below.

Lot # 223 , Kurdish cpt . Pre- sale est. L 20 – 30.000.00. Decorative but snappy. .


Lot # 255 Anatolian long rug . Pre- sale est. L 4 – 6 ,000.00. Tribal and funky ?


Christie’s ,London has another interesting sale scheduled on Oct. 25th featuring the collection of well known collector / dealer “Oliver Hoare” that includes 5 oriental rugs one of which is worth a mention . 

Lot # 68 , silk heraldic rug , possibly Kashan, early 20th. Pre -sale est. L 25- 30,000.00. A stiff estimate but a very unusual piece and it will be interesting to see where it lands ?  



Udo and the gang at A.A.C. held what must their 6th rug and carpet sale of 2019 today and although not quite as positive a result as their last few sales still a pretty good outcome at this transitional time of the year . This offering featured the “Sailer” collection so it included a number of items other than rugs and textiles .

The rug, carpet and textile portion of the group consisted of 124 lots of all types items and from the “Liveauctioneers” unaudited posted results it appears 86 pieces found new homes. A sold percentage of about 70%. Slightly less than the previous A.A.C. outcomes this year but still fairly successful .

I did not think much of the overall rug / textile selection at first , thinking it included a few good items with a lot of leftover filler type items but there were a few pieces that caught my eye and faired well and they are featured below . 

All said another good job by Udo and staff , keep up the good work ! 

Lot # , Saryk juval frag. Pre-sale est. ? € 8-1,200.00 . Sold for € 13,000.00.  unless this is a typo ? A frag. of a pretty good juval. .

Lot # , 153 , Hezar Jerib . Pre- sale est. € 30-40,000.00. Sold for € 34,000.00 . A surprise to me as i am not familiar with this type of weaving at all ! However you learn something new every day that keeps this business interesting ! 

Lot # 211 , Chodor juval .Per-sale est. € 1–1,500.00 . Sold for € 2,600.00 . Someone might have got a pretty good deal on this one ! 


Sotheby’s , London is also in the game now with a sale titled ” Art’s of the Islamic World ” scheduled on Oct. 23rd . Not much in the way of items for the rug and textile crowd with only 5 textile lots and 2 pile carpets , one of which is fairly  interesting .

Plenty of “cool” Islamic artifacts to consider, if thats your area of interest !

Two lots that seemed like they were worth a line are posted below .

Lot # 232 , Kurdish garden cpt. frag . Pre-sale est. L 7-10’000.00 . Scarce theses days.


Lot # 248 , Mughal tile panel . Pre-sale est. L 15-25,000.00. Pretty snappy !






To end the week we have Skinner’s , Boston, Ma’s “fall” major rug and carpet extravaganza scheduled on Oct. 27th live ” on the line “at this very moment.

This time out Mr Kearney has assembled a total of approx. 370 lots of all manner of rugs , carpets and various textile items .

After multiple passes through the entire sale inventory my impression is  it’s a wide and varied group . Some pretty good pieces , a large selection of  “middle of the road” lots and a modest amount of filler pieces . Unfortunately nothing in the way of a clear cut , top shelf collectors item to get the “rug-mob” buzzing . 

One good thing about this sale,  Mr Kearney has kept the pre-sale estimates on most all the pieces on the conservative side except for a hand full of Chinese / Khotan pieces from a fairly well known dealer which in my opinion might hold them back a bit but , who knows ? 

All in , ‘plenty” of things to ponder so it’s well worth your time to take a close look , who knows you might see something that fits into your collecting budget !

I couple of lots i went back to more than once are posted below .

 Lot # 102 , Ningxia mat . Pre-sale est. $ 1,2-1,500.00 . Nice but not important . Lot # 115 Transylvanian prayer rug . Pre-sale est. 6-7,000.00 . Beware the left side on this one ?

Dog o the week !  a 2 fer !

One has to wonder if todays “Monumental Change” ends in a dismal failure will the “Cadaver and her crew” man up and take full responsibility ? ,  Sheik Frederich , 2019.

Shitty movie o the week , nothing particularly bad lately !

Movie o the week , Hunter Killer , 2018. I don’t particularly like submarine movies but but this is easily the best one i have ever seen! 

Song o the week , Eddie Money , Shakin’ on No Control , 1982 . 

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