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slow very , very slow ! 



“Wannenes”  Art Auctions , Milano, Italy held their specialized rug and carpet sale today that featured 89 various items but unfortunately it did not prove to be a particularly successful production for them . According to “invaluable’s” unaudited , posted results of the 89 total lots offered only 34 ended up attracting bidder attention . A sold percentage of right at 39%. Far from the outcome i am sure they had hoped for . Granted this was a fairly small offering but a poor result is still a disappointment as far as i can see. 

There were however a couple of nice upside pops , lot #’s 42 and especially # 81 but not nearly enough to turn the outcome around . Lot # 58 also sold well .

That as they say is that !

So , hats off to the “Wannenes staff” on a Nobel effort and better luck next time ! 


Bravo ! U.S. Woman’s Soccer Team on their 2 , nil victory over Sweden today . Keep the rock keeps rollin ! 


On any given Sunday ! 


Well Udo and the gang at A.A.C., Vienna Austria just booked in another fairly successful venture today . 

As far as the full sale goes , out of the total 172 lots offered approximately 130 ended up selling according to  “Liveauctioneer’s” posted and unaudited results. A sold percentage of right ay 75% , inline with their other 3 sales earlier this year. 

As for the split sale inventories the Pre- Columbian / Bolivian selection did far better than i thought it would . Out of the 59 lots offered 44 sold and the “reserve technique tie dyed” pieces in the inventory sold very strong . On the other hand the Bolivian coca bags were very weak . They are just not popular these days like they were 25- 30 years ago. 

Concerning the rugs and carpets in the second portion of the sale out of the 113 items on the block 86 found new homes .

A couple of things worth mentioning .

For a change Caucasian pieces held there own but Turkish kelim fragments were on the weak side . Perhaps to many passed through the markets lately? 

Also nothing at all in the way of a serious upside pop to excite the international Rug-Mob . 

Just another workman like result for Udo and the gang at A.A.C. . That said keep up the good work ! 



Once again , Bravo to the Woman’s Soccer Team today on their 2 , 1 victory over Espana . The streak lives on !

Hali Fair , 2019 . Out the gates and up and “runnin” . Good Luck and good Time”s to all who attend !!  





A well deserved “Bravo” to the U.S.Woman’s Soccer Team on their 2 , 1 victory over France today . Onward to the quarters ! 



That’s a wrap for the Hali fair and from what hear it went pretty well ! 

Fairly strong turnout and some exhibitors did reasonably well , some not so much but from what i understand everybody had a good time which is all you can hope for so , Cheer’s to them one and all !!! 



Another Big win for the U.S. Woman’s Soccer Team with a 2 , 1 victory over England and a trip to the finals , Bravo ! 



The rock rolled on in “Costa Mesa”  today in a big way ! 

Happy 4th of July anyway !!!


More and heavier “Rockin” in Costa Mesa today !!!



And there you have it , U.S. Woman’s Soccer Team are “world cup champs”  today with a 2 , nil victory over the “Netherlands Team”, in Lyon , France . What more can you say” , win-in is great ! 

DOG o the week

Chillin on a holiday weekend ! 

Dimi’s , party of “people” who spit or scream at other humans when they are out in public , Progressive really progressive ! , Sheik  Frederich , 2019 . 

Shitty movie o the week , Bad times at the El Royale , 2018. 3.5 out of 5 poopsickles . Not really bad but jumbled and it drags . 

Movie o the week , The Missing , 2003. , 

Song o the week , Seasons of the Wolf . Drifter on Last act of Defiance , 2018. 

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