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Smack in the middle of the summer slow down ! 

Bruun Rasmussan , Bredgade ‘s Auction House in Copenhagen , Denmark held their general antique sale yesterday and as far as the rug and carpet portion of the sale goes they posted mixed results . It’s no surprise the room size and decorative rugs attracted the most bidding attention. 

However the 2 items i featured in the previous sale review , lot #’s 349 Susani and # 404 Tekke Khalyk both failed to find buyers . This was a surprise to me but thats the way it goes sometimes !


More bad news in the music world .

Via con dios , Rock music “innovator”  Roky Erickson . Founding member of the legendary “13th Floor Elevators “ and Roky Erickson and the Aliens . You created a unique sound that inspired many modern day rock musicians and your sound will continue to inspire for the eternity! 


Summer’s here !






Another major loss in the music world ! 

R.I.P. , Dr Malcolm “John”  Rebennack jr . “The Night Tripper” . New Orleans “sound”  legend . You played with literally everyone worth playing with in the blues , boogie-woogie world and are already missed ! Have some heavenly “gumbo”  fo me ! 



Henry’s Auktionhaus , Mutterstadt , Germany just finished up their late spring “ major” rug and carpet sale today and i have to say it turned out somewhat better for them than i thought it would but they have been on a bit of a roll lately ! 

Out of the 442 total lots passed over the podium only 130 failed to attract bidding attention according to “liveauctioneer’s ” unaudited posted results which can of course be flawed . A sold percentage of right at 70% , is very good considering the quality of the sale inventory. As i stated in the earlier sale review it was overloaded with Chinese and Tibetan items and it’s a good thing it was as they were definitely the strong point of the whole sale. Nothing in the way of serious upside surprises but many of the Chinese and Tibetan lots sold with in the somewhat optimistic pre-sale estimates at pretty strong prices . 

As its been lately the late date Caucasian carpets in good condition continue to be the weak link .

All said and done a fairly successful production once again for the Henry’s rug dept. so “kudos” to them !  




Bravo ! U.S. Woman’s Soccer team on their 13 , nil victory over Thailand today . Historic , 


Udo and the gang at A. A. C. are back in the game again for like the 4th time this year with another sale titled “ Fine Antique Oriental Rugs , XVI scheduled on June 22nd at their Vienna gallery . This time around the sale inventory consist of 172 total lots that features 60 lots of Pre-Columbian textile items of all types . It appears to be a single owner collection . Unusual , but it could work .

As for the rest of the group unfortunately nothing special to get the international “Rug- Mob” buzzing. just more mediocre pieces with low starting points to garner bidding action . This however has been working for Udo and staff so if it’s not broke don’t fix it ? 

Good luck ! 





Again , Bravo ! U.S. Woman’s Soccer team on a 3, nil victory over Chile today.  Keep it up !!! 

Head’s up , Udo , maybe it will bring you Luck !

Dog o the week ,

There is alway’s a dilemma somewhere you just have to watch where you step or you will find it ! Sheik Frederich , 2019.

Shitty movie o the week , The Tribes of Palos Verdes . 3.5 poopsickles out of 5 . Just not very good and it drags ! 

Movie o the week , Quiet Storm , The Ron Artest Story , 2019.

Song o the week , 13th Floor Elevators , You’re Gonna Miss Me on The Very Best of the 13th Floor Elevators , 1966. 

Dr John , Right Place Wrong Time on In the Right Place , 1973 .


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