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We are gonna start the fresh week with the “Liveauctioneer’s” posted results of the March 23rd , 2nd installment of the Rippon- Boswell , “Poppmeier”  collection sale . 

To start with if the “Liveauctioneer’s” posted results are accurate out of the 91 total lots offered only 16 failed to attract bidder interest which works out to a sold percentage of right at 82%. Very respectable considering how diverse and eclectic this group was. I am fairly sure some of the unsold lots will find new homes in the after sale as is the Rippon , M.O. 

One thing worth noting on the outcome . 

There was a substantial number of significant upside pops to lend excitement to the offering . Check out lot numbers 14, 28, 31, 32, 35, 44, 50, 64, 66, 71, and ( 84 ? ) which to a certain extent made up for the unsold lots. 

As for the items i featured in an earlier post all sold . Two did very well , one not so much . 

Lot # 32 , Aksaray kilim . Pre- sale estimate € 5-7,000.00 . Sold for € 44,280.00 including  comm. One of the high water points of the sale and a real winner for the new owner !

Lot # 44 , Konya rug . Pre- sale estimate € 6- 8,000.00 . Sold for € 22,140.00 including comm. To my eye a very reasonable purchase for the new owner ! 

Lot # 56 , Karapinar kilim . Pre- sale estimate € 8-10,000.00 . Sold for € 7,995.00 including comm. looks like someone may have got a deal on this one ! 

In the end considering how eccentric this collection was its a pretty good job , well done by Mr Maltzahn and the Rippon – Boswell staff .

Kudo’s to them ! 

4/9/19 , 12 noon .

Late update !

With all the after sale action only 4 lots ended going unsold which raises the sold percentage to right at 95 %. So it appears Mr Maltzahn pitched a real winner for the “Poppmeier” estate !

Good for them and great for the rug and kilim collectors market in general !



Next up , here comes Sotheby’s , London with an Islamic Art sale titled “Arts of the Islamic World “ including oriental rugs and carpets on May 1st at their Bond st. gallery .

The sale inventory consist of approximately 16 assorted textile lots and 36 rugs and carpets . Unfortunately this just not a very interesting group as far as the rugs and carpets go. No bona fide stars included , what so ever . Nothing much in the way of Turkmen, which is very hot right now , early Chinese which is also very hot right now , Baluch which is on the come back trail or South Persian of any consequence . 

To my eye just fairly decent but uninspiring selection . I expected better but you settle for what you get ? 

After all that a couple of lots did peak my limited interest ! 

Lot # 157 Safavid silk panel , circa 1800 or earlier . Pre-sale estimate , £ 20-30,000.00 . My favorite lot in the sale selection .

Lot # 285 , Kuba prayer rug . Pre- sale estimate , £ 5-7,000.00 . Kinda “cool” item in a less than inspiring selection, in my opinion ! 


March 4th , “National Burrito Day” , celebrate !   


Christie’s , London is up to bat next with an Islamic art sale titled “ Art of the Islamic and Indian Worlds “ featuring oriental rugs and textiles scheduled on May 2nd at their London gallery .

Initial thoughts !

What Ms Broadhurst and crew have assembled this time out is a group consisting of 7 early velvets , which have been very popular lately , 5 textiles and susani’s and 78 various oriental rugs and carpets . 

My first impression of this selection is it’s heavily over weighted with room size decorative carpets which it a bit of a disappointment for myself and i am sure for the members of the collectors market out there . Yes , there are some moderately interesting “collectable” style items in the group but the decorative pieces far out number them . 

Like the Sotheby’s auction the day before this group is also void of any Turkmen , early Chinese , Baluch or other collectible tribal type pieces ! 

Also in my humble opinion in the limited number of items aimed at the serious international collectors market other than the Turkish items there is nothing that could be considered an exciting , important or scarce item to get them buzzing . 

One caveat , there are 2 earlier Mughal pieces that could maybe create a bit of a stir ! 

Don’t get me wrong on this opinion , it’s not a slam .

There are plenty of good and moderately interesting lots in this very limited assortment and i am reasonably sure the sale should do well , but without a clear cut barn burner to create excitement who knows ?

That said i did keep going back to one lot .

Lot # 225 , Mughal Pashmina Carpet Frag. Circa 1640 . Pre-sale estimate £ 15-20,000.00 . To me by far the very best and most interesting thing in the entire sale . 



Celebrate , “National Beer Day” , Boo Yah ! 

Next up the Dorotheum , Turkmen sale on April 9th ! 

A colorful Sunday ?

Dogs o the week ! 

If you didn’t know before , you surely don’t know now , take a step back survey the situation and please get an F-N clue ! , 

Sheik Frederich , 2019.

Shitty movie o the week , The Spy Who Dumped Me , 2018 .  5 poopsickles out of 5 . Another movie made just for a pay day ! 

Movie o the week , The Inventor , Out for Blood in Silicon Valley , 2019. A grim story everyone should see ! 

Song o the week , Train, Train , Blackfoot on Strikes , 1979. 

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