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Calm sea’s for the moment !


“The Dorotheum” , Vienna, Austria is back in the game with a special sale scheduled on April 9th titled “ The Turkmen” , Schleswig-Holstein , Ingo Bauer coll. 

For starters this is a bit of a step forward for the “Dorotheum”  considering the type of items they usually have featured in their last few sales . 

The collection consist of 138 lots of for the most part second half of the 19th century ordinary Turkmen items in “European market” condition. There are also a small number of Baluch and other tribal pieces none of which are of any great consequence . 

After multiple passes through the collection inventory my feeling is this . Although this is a substantial group of items there is not even one clear cut barnburner to get the serious Turkmen collectors of the world excited. Yes , there are plenty of “nice” good condition intermediate pieces and a hand full of slightly earlier pieces , but nothing truly early and important which leads me to wonder is this whole collection or did they hold back this best pieces ? 

One other thing .

For the most part the pre- sale estimates and starting points are realistic except for a few of the main carpets ( lot #’s 86 , 98 and 116 ) which seem very optimistic in a market where main carpets have been soft for quite awhile . Just an observation on my part ! 

That said i did notice a couple of lots i thought were mildly interesting and they are posted below. 

Lot # 78 , Igdyr ? tentband fragment . pre- sale estimate € 6-700. Starting bid € 450.00 . Very reasonable ! 

Lot # 90 , Tekke torba . Pre- sale estimate , € 3,6- 4,000.00 . Starting bid € 3,000.00 . Ordinary but a better than average example . 

Lot # 133 , cataloged as Tekke Chuval ? . Pre-sale estimate € 1,6- 2,000.00 . Starting bid € 1,400.00 . Not sure about the attribution on this one but with the unusual color scheme it could be very good , or not ! My favorite piece in the group ! 

All said and done it still took plenty of time and “shekel’s” to put this collection together so “good luck” to the owner / collector and the “Dorotheum” rug dept. !  

Next  up the agony of the A.A.C. Sale on March 30th ! 




Three cheers for political correctness !  


The A.A.C. , Fine Antique Oriental Rugs , XIV”  sale is under way now and up to this point ( lot # 150 ) Udo and gang are pitching a perfect game with no unsold lots , so far. Granted many of the prices fetched on the items are very reasonable if not give away but as i always say , sold is till sold and if this the direction A.A.C. is going it looks like the strategy is working . 

Fini !

So we end the agony with only one passed lot according to the “Liveauctioneer’s” posted results which keeps Udo’s string of successful but uninteresting March, 2019 auctions alive and definitely kick- in , at 2 ! 

Worth noting , no real up side pops but with this commercial selection this was to be expected ! 

One more thing , i question lot # 1 ?  Just a thought ! 

All in , this was a very positive endevor by Mr Langauer and staff and they are to be commended for moving a large amount of merchandise in a spotty rug market .

Hat’s off to you !!! 

No how about a sale with a handful of more upscale important items to draw in the international collectors ?  


And then there was Margarita ! 

Dog o the week , Things get weird-er ?


The cool wind of reality is blowing “RIGHT” in your face , you best get on board or get “LEFT”  behind !  , Sheik Frederich , 2019.

Shitty movie o the week , No shit this week , hallelujah ! 

Movie o the week , Red Sparrow , 2018. 

Song o the week , Freedom , Richie Havens , live version on the “Woodstock” movie soundtrack , 1969 , remastered 2009 . 


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