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Moderately interesting “Textile World News”  to start the week !

Kerry Taylor Auctions , London , U.K. held their  first “Antique and Vintage Fashion and Textile” auction of 2019 today and from “Liveauctioneer’s” posted results it appears it was a very successful outing for them from a total lots sold stand point . Out of the total 445 lots offered only a hand full appears to have been passed. 

The reason i mention this particular sale is because out of the 445 items auctioned approximately 107 included in the sale inventory were a diverse group of all kinds of ethnic textiles and garments and two of which are certainly worth a few lines  .  

Lot # 377 , Ottoman embroidered quilt facing , circa 1600. Ex Rod Taylor coll. Pre-sale estimate £ 2-3,000.00 . Sold for £ 15,000.00 + comm. A nice pop up for the consigner ! 

Lot # 409 Caucasian embroidery . Late 18th century . Ex Rod Taylor coll.  Pre- sale estimate , £ 1-1,500.00 . Sold for £ 10,000.00 + comm. Again nice for the consigner . 

A few more of the other Islamic textiles. in the sale also did very well which you can check out “ on the line “ . 



The audited results from today’s “Netherhampton Salesrooms” first rug and carpet sale of 2019 are live “ on the line” for you to ponder now. 

So for the most part it was a standard Netherhampton turn of events. Out of the approximately 362 total lots offered 198 ended up attracting bidding action . A sold percentage of right at 54% . Pretty much in line with previous Netherhampton sales .

One minor thing worth noting this time around . 

Only 5 lots popped over the £ 1,000.00 threshold , however one lot was a substantial upside surprise if the posted out come is accurate. 

Lot # 314 , Yomut juval . Pre- sale estimate £ 1-150.00 . Sold for £ 4,200.00 . You can check it out on their site but the illustration is of poor quality and does not reveal much . If this is accurate its something that very rarely happens at Netherhampton , so good for them and a “tip of the hat”  to Ms Barrett and staff ! 




Out of state visitors and modest commerce ! 








Well we are off to the races at todays Austria Auction Co’s first endevor of 2019 and it appears from “Liveauctioneer’s” posted results Udo and the A.A.C. staff have a winner on their hands . 

According to “Liveactioneer’s” online results out of the 230 items offered only 2 lots were passed which is pretty close to a sellout if the figures hold up. Granted this was a no reserve sale and the starting points in most cases were very reasonable , it is still however an excellent outcome A.A.C. . 

Nothing much in the way of fire works worth mentioning in the sale inventory , however a few kelims did pop a bit , lot #’s 42 , 50, and 56 but thats about as far as highlights go .

Still a large amount of merchandise moved and that calls for kudos to “Udo and staff” for a job well done !  

Next up for A.A.C. their first major sale of 2019 scheduled on March 30th . A small preview is on line now .


Dog o the week !

No excuses for the evil some men do in this case !  

How is it that Robert Mueller has not even filed his report yet and “Adam Schiff and the Dimi’s” are already rejecting it when they fought so hard to protect it and wanted it so bad ? ,  Sheik Frederich , 2019.

Shitty movie o the week , Machete , 2010. 5 out of 5 poopsickles . Worst movie Robert Rodriguez has ever made , by a long shot . 

Movie o the week , Jeff Beck , Still on the Run , 2018 . The icon . 

Song o the week , Backyard Babies , 44 Undead on Silver and Gold , 2019. 


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