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Happy Metal Monday ! 


Slim-pickens dominate the rug scene for the foreseeable future ! 







So here we go !

The Dorotheum , Vienna , Austria is out the gate and off to the races with their first rug , carpet and textile auction of the new year scheduled on Feb. 20th at their Vienna auction house  . 

This time around the sale inventory features 236 total lots of all manner of oriental weavings . 

After multiple passes through the group i am feeling like this is a standard European style retail offering with a large assortment of late city rugs in what appears to be good condition and a modest selection of “ mid- range collectors items none of which seem overly exciting as to get the Rug- Mob buzzing . No top shelf items of any type in this sale . 

As usual with previous Dorotheum sales the pre- sale estimates are all over the place with most being fairly realistic but as is there M.O. a few being somewhat aggressive . Lot numbers 7 , 8, 14, 38 and 70 to name a few , but this just my opinion .

That said one lot that i did find to be the most interesting in the sale , # 26 is posted below . Not a truly great example but still a standout in this offering with a reasonable starting point ?  Pre-sale opening price € 8,000.00. 




Via con dios ! , Albert Finney Jr. one of the all time great stage and screen Thespians . Your body of work will keep your memory alive throughout the sands of time ! 



Netherhampton Salesrooms , Salisbury , U.K. is back at it with their first sale of 2019 season scheduled on Feb. 27th . This time around Ms Barrett and staff have assembled approximately 362 lots of standard Netherhampton fair . A little of this a little of that but as usual not a standout example of any type in the whole sale inventory .

All in , if you are a low end dealer or bargain hunter this may well be the opportunity you are looking for . 



More fresh rug world babble ! 

Abell’s Auction co. , Los Angeles , Ca has one of their quarterly general antique extravaganza’s scheduled on Feb. 24th that features 14 mid – range decorative rugs and 4 tapestries none of which are of any interest to collectors . 

That said there is however one item in the Native American Indian category that could turn out to be very interesting .

Lot # 300 Navaho 3rd phase Chief’s blanket . Pre- sale estimate $ 6-8,000.00 . Great cross design and if the red materials are vintage this might just turn out to be a real winner in a slow market ! 






First day the public can get in the Marin American Indian Show and preliminary reports are there is a decent public crowd and pretty good sales which is far better than the Mesa, AZ. show a couple of weeks ago which reported little or no retail activity ! 


Sunday Fun , Cali style !

Dog o the week , 

Left bound and drown , and you will never know any better ! , Sheik Frederich , 2019.

Shitty movie o the week , La La Land . 5 poopsickles out of 5. An insult to the people of So Cal and unwatchable in my opinion. 

Movie o the week , Big Fish , 2004,  with the great Albert Finney . 

Song o the week , Arch Enemy , Reason to Believe on Will to Power , 2017.


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