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Deep in the depths of the winter doldrums even though it’s New Years Day !


Been awhile but back on board even in the slow period . 

Little or nothing to mention , up to this point ! 











Sunday cheer ! 









By now i am sure you have all seen the online presentation of the Dr. T. McCormack Collection of Turkmen carpets on R.R. 

The coll. consist of approximately 51 items from most all the Turkmen weaving areas except Salor / S Group . 

So here we go . 

After multiple passes through the coll. inventory i find it a little on the static side . Certainly an impressive group in size but in my opinion nothing included in the group to get the Turkmen world buzzing . Just a sizable amount of slightly better pieces most of which are not truely early but in pretty good condition .

So if your just a novice getting into collecting Turkmen items this is a good opportunity to see a large group of them and they are for-sale too , with for the most part posted prices . As you would assume on a sale like this the prices are all over the place , some fairly aggressive , some in line with the current market ! 

One more thing , a few have already sold and a couple of them do “Not” have posted prices ? 

With that end , Good Luck to the Doctor in his liquidation endevor at the slowest time of the year for rug activity  ! 

A couple of pieces that did catch my eye are posted below .

Number 19416 , $ 5,800.00 not inexpensive !

Number 19554 . No posted price on this piece ? 



First day of LARTA , London , 2019.

Well although i am not there in person i did go through Larta online , yes all 280 posted lots numerous times and although there were plenty of good to better pieces i noticed nothing that could be considered a clear cut barn burning winner . From where i sit the strength of the show was with the Susani’s and ikats . 

One thing worth noting . There were most likely more items that were not posted on LARTA online so something great could have been lurking in the shadows . Open till 1-27-19 . 

Anyway good luck to the exhibitors ! 





Brunk Auctions , Asheville , N.C. staged a general antique auction today that featured approximately 21 various oriental rugs and carpets one of which was worth a brief mention .

Lot # 855 . Cataloged as a Caucasian carpet with a pre- sale estimate of         $ 6-1,200.00 was actually a mid century Turkish village rug that ended up selling for a well deserved $5,400.00 including comm. Reasonable for the new owner  too. 

One last thing .

Today is the opening of the Mesa , Az. Western antiques and American Indian artifact show which is a good indicator of how collector shows are gonna go in the USA this year . No opening day report backs yet . Here’s hope-in ! 

Unfortunate news today !


Go With God , Michel Legrand . The maestro exceptional for years .Your body of work will keep your memory alive forever ! 


Celebrate Sunday ! 

Dog o the week , Boo , you are already missed !

In tough times , stand tall , keep your word at all costs and things will surely work out ! , Sheik Frederich , 2019

Shitty movie o the week , Superfly , 2081.  5 poopsickles out of 5 . A true insult to the original 1972 Superfly . Unwatchable !

Movie o the week , Molly’s Game , 2018 . An F-N great flick ! 

Song o the week , The Blasters , Marie , Marie on American Music , 1980 . 


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