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Left over’s from the last post ! 

Netherhampton Salesrooms , Salisbury U.K. held their year end rug sale today and it turned out right in line with their previous auctions this year . Out of the 380 total lots run across the podium approximately 238 garnered any bidder attention . A sold percentage of right at 62% . Not great but not bad either . The problem i see with sale itself is that so many of the items that sold , sold for under £ 200.00 which makes me wonder if with all the work involved in the sale production its worth the time for Ms Barrett and staff ? 

As far as sale highlights go there was little or nothing with only 2 lots breaching the £ 1,000.00 level .

All that said and done you still have to give Ms Barrett and staff credit for continuing to stay in the game ! 






Today’s A.A.C. is in the books and if the posted results are accurate Udo and his crew did far better than their usual sales do with pretty much everything finding a new home . Out of the 192 total lots offered for sale perhaps only 3 lots went unsold. That is how ever via the “liveauctioneer’s” unaudited post which may or may not be accurate . Granted the pre- sale estimates were fairly conservative and many of the lots sold right at there low estimates but as i always say sold is still sold and considering there were no top shelf items included in the auction inventory to create excitement and at this time of the year this is a very good turn of events for A.A.C. 

One thing worth mentioning about the sale outcome itself . There were a number of decent upside pops , #’s 1 , 21, 22, 61, 70, 110, and 123 . 

And the biggest surprise of all in my opinion # 68 , Tuduc Dragon copy . Pre- sale est. € 2-3,000.00. Sold for € 6,400.00 . I guess the market for Tuduc copies is strong in Austria ? 

In the end a good job by UDO and crew so a “ Tip of the Holiday Hat “ to them ! 







Winter Solstice , 2018 ! 



Get well soon , Matt Millen , Oakland Raider great and 4 time super bowl winner . God Speed ! 









Dog o the week !

With all the Dimi’s “Hate” floating around out there unfortunately the world could be sinking into the left and drowning !,  Sheik Frederich , 2018.

Shitty movie o the week ,The Mummy , 2017. 4.5 poopsickles out of 5 .  Another Tom Cruise bomb ! 

Movie o the week , Always at the Carlyle ,2018.

Song o the week , Children of Bodom , Under Grass and Clover on Hexed , 2018. 


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