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Plenty of rug world news to consider this week ! 


First up “Netherhampton Salesrooms” winter classic scheduled on Dec. 5th in Salisbury , U.K. 

So this time around Ms. Barrett and the N.S. crew put together a selection of approximately 380 total lots of the standard mish-moss of every type of mid to low end merchandise they usually feature . Unfortunately nothing at all in the way of a notable collectors item or top shelf decorative carpet.

Don’t get me wrong on this, there are plenty of decent usable pieces in what appears to good condition if your on a budget or a dealer looking for inexpensive shop stock but if your a serious rug enthusiast this may not be the sale for you. 

Again a far from notable presentation but as you may or may not realize putting together a production of this magnitude , important lots included or not is lot of work so “hats off “ to Ms. Barrett and staff for staying in the game in an oversaturated mid- range retail market . 


Next in line , another extravaganza at Henry’s. Auktionhaus scheduled on Dec. 8th in Mutterstadt , Germany . 

Their previous sale on 6-9-18 was a bit of a surprise to me as i stated in an earlier post because it was far more successful than i figured it would be and it had a handful of interesting lots and even a few nice upside pops for the consigners ! 

This time i have to say considering the sale includes 320 total lots i saw little or nothing that will get the Rug- Mob buzzing .

The group is totally over loaded with good condition Persian city pieces aimed at the European retail market but little or actually nothing that will appeal to the international collectors market . For the most part the whole sale inventory was on the late side with just a few earlier items but they were nothing of any great significance . 

That said i did go back to 2 pieces for a second look but they remain of little consequence . If it matters,  lot # 181 , Gabbeh and lot # 311 Bakshaish room size carpet look pretty good but that’s it.

Cruise the inventory if you are bored ! 


Happy Holiday ! Nailed it !  


So here we go with what everybody’s been wondering about / and waiting for !

Skinner’s , Boston, Ma’s Dec. 9th sale featuring Pt.2 of the “Ronnie Newman Coll”. 

Well my first thoughts on Pt. 2 is it’s not quite as dramatic as Pt. 1 but there are still plenty of good noteworthy pieces in the offering. 

The none R.N.coll. items are standard Skinner’s type stuff , some good some not so much . 

The way i see  it the R.N. Coll. items are once again gonna be the stars of the sale but but i am not so sure there are going to be the large amount of big upside surprises like in the first group because this portion does not have the clear cut super stars like the first sale . Yes , there are some very good pieces and as before L.K. has kept the pre- sale estimates on the conservative side but my feeling is the first group was just superior in particular the Turkmens . 

Keep in mind this is just my opinion and others out there could certainly feel differently about it.

I feel the strength of the current selection is the Chinese pieces. Again just an opinion . 

Fear not , more than a few pieces caught my eye and a few are featured below !

Lot # 66 , Ottoman prayer kelim . Pre- sale estimate $ 2-3,000.00 . This piece should take off .

Lot # 71 , Anatolian rug fragment . Pre- sale estimate $ 5-6,000.00 . This is my favorite item in the sale but the estimate is a bit puzzling ? I could certainly be wrong on this ! 

Lot # 145 , Dragon saddle cover . Pre- sale estimate $ 1,5 – 1,800.00 . My favorite Chinese piece in the sale . Should fly ! 

Lot # 147 , Kangxi mat . Pre- sale estimate $ 1,2- 1,500.00 . Another serious winner . 

Lot # 149 ,Chinese saddle rug . Pre- sale estimate $ 8-1,200.00 . A very reasonable starting point on this one , in my opinion ! 


Back to slow times for the moment , enjoy the holiday !



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