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Nagel’s fall rug auction is in the books today and it was only a moderately successful outing this time around. Out of the 200 total lots of rugs and carpets offered up for your bidding pleasure it looks like 102 found new homes . A sold percentage of slightly over 50 % . Not terrible but far froma raging success either . Also very little in the way of upside pops to excite but there were a few . 

If it matters to you 20 of the ethnic items out of 45 also sold . 

One lot that did surprise me was lot # 127 , Turkmen juval . Pre-sale starting point € 800.00 , sold for € 8,500.00 + comm. Published in the Loges , Turkmen book which most likely had something to do with the price pop. Not clear on the attribution of this piece ,  Ersari possibly ? ,  but it’s good looking and someone really liked it ! 

As for the 3 lots i featured in the previous post all sold , 2 well over their pre-sale starting points .

Lot # 22 , Khotan . Pre-sale starting point , € 600.00.  Sold for € 2,400.00 + comm. Well over the pre-sale estimate but in my humble opinion a pretty good deal for the new owner of a fairly scarce piece abet in poor condition. 

Lot # 89 , Rug fragments . Pre-sale starting point , € 300.00.  Sold for € 300.00 + comm. In the zone and cheap thrills for the buyer on this one . 

Lot # 130 , Salor torba . Pre-sale starting point , € 3,500.00 . Sold for  € 18,000.00 + comm. Again well over the very low starting point but still a very realistic and perhaps inexpensive price for the new owner , good job on your part ! 

In the end a decent but unremarkable outcome for the Nagel Auktionhaus ! 


Unfortunate news !

Via con Dios , Gary Allen Wisdom , Baluch collector , author of “Baluch Tribal Weavings” and all around great friend for 20+ years lost his battle with a lingering illness today . Gone now but never to be forgotten ! 

Travel day , NYC . 3.5 hour delay arriving !


New York Knights ! 


Travel day , thankfully a smooth trip home !






Netherhampton Salesrooms , Salisbury, U.K. held their fall rug sale today and as usual it was a fairly uneventful affair . The group included 331 total lots of the same type of mediocre merchandise they generally offer , a little bit of any and everything  . Nothing at all in the way of a serious collectors item of any type . As is the norm with Ms Barrett and staff auditited sale results will follow down the road a bit . One thing i did notice from the unaudited online results , only approximately 5 lots breached the £ 1,000.00 thresh hold . Certainly a let down for the Netherhampton rug dept. but you have to give them credit they stay in the game and keep swing-in.!



Feel the heat ! 




Well the Dorotheum , Vienna , Austria held their fall rug extravaganza today and it went far better for them than i expected . Out of the 218 total lots run over the podium apparently 125 found new homes . A sold percentage of a very respectable 57 %. As i stated in the previous post i though this selection was aimed clearly at the European and Middle Eastern retail market and if i am right on this , that part of the rug market is still pretty strong . Something else worth mentioning , many of the items that sold , sold for well over their pre-sale starting points which is nice for the auktionhaus and for the consigner’s too. 

This sale result was a bit of a surprise to me because of the rather lackluster sale inventory but i was off the mark on that one ! 

As for the one item i did feature it also did very well for the consigner .

Lot 23 , The Pope- Bernheimer carpet . Pre-sale starting point € 20,000.00 . Sold for a well deserved but not unexpected € 42,500.00 including comm.




More unfortunate news .

Marty Balin founding member of the legendary 60’s rock band Jefferson Airplane and vocalist for the Jefferson Starship passed away today after a battle with an undisclosed illness . Your in a better place now but your music and memory will live on ! 



Austria Auction is under way lets just see where this little spectacle ends up . 

Here we go , out of the 212 lots up for sale today from Liveauctioneer’s unaudited , posted results it appears Mr Langauer and the Austria Auction Co. sold everything but 2 passed lots which would be remarkable feat in itself . So if those results stand its an outstanding outcome for Udo , and the rug market in general . Granted the majority of the pieces offered sold at or under their pre- sale estimates but in a spotty market  sold is still sold . 

Perhaps the strategy of low pre-sale starting points paid off , if the other auction houses out there are listening . 

That said there were a very few upside pops but nothing in the way of a true blast off to get the “ Rug Mob “ buzzing . 

Something worth noting ,  the 2 Kaitag items offered , lot #’s , 36 and 39 both sold well over their high pre- sale estimates and were 2 of the highlights of the offering and perhaps showed a renewed interest in a somewhat dormant area of the market lately ? 

Concerning the 2 lots i featured in the earlier post . 

Lot # 11 , Yomut mafrash . Pre- sale starting point € 300.00 . Sold for € 800.00 + comm.

Lot # 79 , Yomut juval . Pre-Sale starting point , € 400.00 . Sold for € 2,000.00 + comm.

So if this sale result stands hats off to Udo and the gang at A.A.C. on a job well done ! 


When the Wright-ous stand strong they will vanquish the none progressive oppressor’s every time ! , Sheik Frederich , 2018.

Dog o the week . 

Shitty movie o the week , The Greatest Showman , the P. T Barnam story . 2017 . 3.5 poopsickles out of 5 . A great story and i tried to like it but the singing and music score was just to much to endure. ! 

Movie o the week , Captain Fantastic , 2016. 

Song o the week , Madball , Freight Train on For the Cause , 2018.

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