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Via con Dios , Ed King original member of Strawberry Alarm Clock band and founding member of the legendary Southern rock band “Lynyrd Skynyrd” . Co- writer of the classic rock anthem “Sweet Home Alabama” , your legacy will live on !  






So here we go with the first hit of the fall rug auction season and unfourtunately it’s starting out on a somewhat weak note !

Nagel Auction , Stuttgart , Germany’s major fall sale scheduled on Sept. 11th is live “ on the line” now and after a few passes through the auction inventory i would have to say this is for all intents and purposes very mediocre overall presentation . 

This sale consist of 200 lots of rugs , carpets and textiles and 45 lots of ethnic items .  

The first portion of the sale ( 50 lots )  is apparently from 2 private collection and includes Tibetan , Chinese and a few unusual ethnic textiles at the end of the group . Most of the pieces are not particularly exciting and some are in poor condition but if this is your area of interest this might be an opportunity to add to your collection .

One thing of note the pre-sale starting points are very reasonable , in my opinion . I did notice one lot # 22 that although in rough condition looked very good with an enticingly low pre-sale starting point .

Lot 22 , Khotan . Pre- sale starting point € 600.00 . An elegant wreck but very good ! 

Next up the main body the group 150 lots of all manner of rugs , carpets and textiles . 

Well as i stated earlier i did not find much to get the “ rug mob “ buzzing in this selection either . Yes , it’s varied group but it lacks anything in the way of real barn burner grab peoples attention . There are some better items included but nothing really stellar. On a positive note i again feel the “Nagel rug dept.”  has for the most part has kept the starting points on the conservative side even on the better lots which could lead to a buying opportunity !

That said i did notice 2 pieces i though were worth a mention . 

Lot # 89 , Carpet fragments . Pre- sale starting point € 300.00. Possible “ Cheap Thrills” for someone !  

Lot # 130 , Salor torba . Pre-sale starting point a very reasonable € 3,500.00 . Published in W. Loges , Turkmen Carpets  . Best Turkmen piece in the sale and should do well unless it’s already been flogged , internet or European shows ! As always , in my opinion only ! 



Next up the Sept. 24th rug and carpet auction at the “Palais Dorotheum” , Vienna , Austria . 

Well i don’t exactly know where to begin on this one .To start with it appears to be 218 lots of items clearly aimed at the European retail , decorative market . Newish , good condition , no soul pieces for the most part . Yes there a very few pieces that have a moderate amount of integrity but not many . Just an over abundance of an amount glitzy “Stuff” . And they did NOT get the message to try and keep the opening prices conservative so as to promote sales so it will be interesting to see how the sale ends up. If your a serious collector this sale may not be for you unless your bored and have extra time on your hands .

I did notice one lot that i felt was at least worth a line .

Lot # 23 , Pope – Bernheimer , Khorasan cpt. Pre – sale starting point € 20,000.00 . Who knows where this will lead ? 


Start of a long Labor Day holiday weekend in the U.S. of A. 



The mighty “Brimfield” takes flight ! 



And now we proceed with the next installment from “Austria Auction Co.” and their much anticipated “major” fall rug extravaganza scheduled on Sept. 29th in Vienna , Austria . Well this time around for your viewing and possibly bidding pleasure Mr Langauer and staff have assembled 212 total lots from most all the weaving areas . 

So after a few passes through the sale inventory i did not notice anything in the way of a serious top shelf collectors item to create pre- sale excitement but there are plenty of decent pieces for buyers to consider . One thing worth noting , seems Udo got the message that the Dorotheum folks did not and at least for the most part kept the starting bidding points on the conservative side which is a big plus in a spotty market . Yes there is still a bit of unwarranted filler items but for once and the first time in my opinion A.A.C. has done pretty good job and if your not holding out for a “ world class “ addition to your collection this group is certainly worth your time to check out.  

Two lots i thought were at least mildly noteworthy are featured below .

# 11 , Yomut mafrash . Pre-sale starting point € 300.00 . Not the oldest but looks like it has pretty good color and condition.

Lot # 79 Yomut juval . Pre- sale starting point € 400.00. Again not so old but this design is fairly scarce . 





Looks like Brimfield ended with a wimper this year ! 


If you new what i know you would be scared to an early death  ! , Sheik Frederich , 2018. 

Dog o the week ! 

Shitty movie o the week , Guns , Girls and Gambling , 2013 . 4.5 poopsickles out of 5 . So bad it’s almost good , but unfourtunately not this time around . Gretzky’s what were you thinkin ? 

Movie o the week , Lynyrd Skynyrd , If i Leave Here Tomorrow , 2018. 

Song o the week , Greta Van Fleet , When the Curtain Falls , 2018.

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