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Action boring action ! 


With the Spring auction season winding down the last serious rug and carpet auction is live “ on the line” now for your viewing amusement .

Here we go with the spring Rippon – Boswell “major” rug , carpet and textile auction scheduled on June 2 in Wiesbaden , Germany.  What you have to look forward to paruse-in is 225 lots of a diverse collection of all manner of oriental rugs, carpets and textiles . 

So after a few passes through the sale inventory it appears to be a pretty eclectic selection including a little high end , a little mid- range and of course some filler or low end items. Nothing really pops out as clear cut star but there are plenty of interesting pieces in the sale inventory that warrant a second glance . One other thing to consider , many of the items in the sale have what appears to be fairly conservative initial starting points . All said this is certainly not the most interesting Rippon sale i have seen but considering the market stagnation right now it’s a good opportunity to possibly acquire a slightly better item at a time when not much is turning up !

By all means , check it out !

A couple of lots did peak my curiosity for different reasons and are featured below .

Lot # 48 , Baluch bag face . Pre-sale starting point € 5,500.00 . Fairly aggressive starting point but better Baluch items have been in short supply lately !

Lot # 60 Tekke Ensi . Pre- sale starting point € 15,000.00 . Plenty of dialogue about this piece “ on the line” but unfortunately at this point i am not convinced ! 



Today was the last installment of the 7 part “Rockefeller Coll.” sale titled “ Travel and Americana”  at Christie’s NYC. As with the previous 6 sessions the auction was a screamingly successful endeavor for Christie’s and the Rockefeller estate . Plenty of serious upside pops through out all 7 sessions .

As for the lot i featured in the previous blog post it defied all expectations ten fold+ and was one of the highlights of the session and possibly the whole sale . 

Lot # 992 , Eyrie – Rockefeller , Buddhist Lion carpet . Pre-sale estimate , $12-18,000.00 sold for a well deserved $ 225,000.00 including comm. 


Last but not least the latest rug and carpet debacle from the vaunted “Netherhampton Salesrooms”,  Salisbury , U.K.is up and running to finish off the week .

This sale is scheduled this coming week on May 16th and includes 417 lots of for the most part about any kind of hand made oriental rug and textile you can think of and then some . Unfortunately as with all the recent Netherhamton productions there is nothing in the way of a bona fide collectors item in the whole group . Just an over abundance of an amount of shop stock and flea market type goods . That said , if your a bargain hunter or on a budget this may just be the opportunity your waiting for , so it’s worth a little of your time to take a quick look .

One last thing. KUDO’S to Ms Barrett and staff for staying in the game in a changing rug market ! 


The East Coast looms in the future  ?


Sunday Mother’s Day fun and a short road trip ! 

Dog o the week ! 

Shitty movie o the week , The Gunman ,2015 . 4.5 poopsickles out of 5 . What can i say , you have to see this movie to see how really stupid it is ! 

Movie o the week , The Promise , 2017 . 

Song o the week , Rev Theory , Hell Yeah on Light it Up , 2008. 


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