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It appears there is plenty of rug / carpet action in your immediate future? 



Sometimes a picture’s worth a thousand words !



Austria Auction Co. held their “Vienna Symposium” sale / book launch today and it was only modestly successful turn of events for Udo and the gang . As i said in the previous post i did not think there was much included in the sale inventory to get people excited and judging from the “Liveauctioneer’s” posted results i was on target . Out of the 131 total lots offered up for your bidding pleasure only 58 garnered any bidding action . A sold percentage of about 44% , slightly better than their last auction but truely nothing to be proud of . 

That said i figure Mr Langauer is working the phones after the sale to possibly pump up the sales totals .

One thing worth noting all 8 of the book lots sold and for the longest time it seemed there not much interest in purchasing old rug publications , however maybe some folks our there still want to “ read “ about rugs and carpets . But i will also add the prices fetched on the book lots were for the most part on the conservative side .



Christie’s , London is on the boards with a sale scheduled on April 26th titled “ Art of the Islamic and Indian Worlds “ that features 11 various textiles , susani’s and 74 rugs and carpets .

After going through the sale mix a few times i would say Ms. Broadhurst and staff have assembled a fairly diverse but not particularly interesting sale this time out . 

Not repeat myself but after going back and forth through the sale numerous times i have say there are some pretty good pieces but nothing that really caught my eye . Yes there a few classic items , 3 Lotto’s and a good Ladik but no sumak bags or better Turkmens which are 2 of the hottest areas in rug collecting arena at this moment . Do not get me wrong this is good offering and i feel it should do pretty well just not much of interest for me at this time. Please do take time to check it out as this only my opinion . 



Christie’s , N Y C general antique auction titled “ The Collector “ just wrapped up and from a rug and carpet standpoint it was only moderatly successful for them . Out of the limited inventory of just 11 lots only 7 managed to sell . A decent sold percentage ( 64 %) but on a very modest amount of items .Two roomsize French carpets ( lot#’ 349 & 364 )  did bring substancial prices but thats about it as far as fireworks go.

As for the piece i featured in the previous post , lot # 371 Caucasian Silk Embroidery , pre- sale estimate $ 15-20,000.00 it failed to sell .



Christie’s , NYC has a series of “Rockefeller Collection sales from May 5- 10th and the last one titled “Travel and Americana” has an early Chinese carpet that might , just might spark some international interest . 

Lot # 992 , The Eyrie-Rockefeller “ Buddhist Lion Carpet”  . Pre-sale estimate , $ 12-18,000.00 . May just pop up ! 


Skinner’s Auction house ,Boston , Ma , Spring rug and carpet production scheduled on April 30th is live “ on the line “ now to hopefully give the east coast rug a boost . This time around Mr Kearny has assembled approx. 355 total lots from most all the usual weaving areas and then some. 

So after a few passes through the auction inventory it hits me the same as the past few Skinner’s offerings , still light on the high end. Plenty of mid- range Turkish and Caucasians but nothing as far as a clear cut winner. As with previous Skinner sales a profusion of mediocre Persian city pieces for the dealer crowd to feast on . Also like the past few sales a good selection of shawls and textiles if thats your area of interest . Turkmen’s for the most part are very weak in this group . 

That said i did find 2 items i felt were interesting enough to feature .

Lot # 72 , Tekke Embroidered Asmalyk . Pre- sale est. $ 6-8,000.00 . Something good but questionable about this item ? Must be seen in person. 

Lot # 89 Ningsha “Altar” rug . Pre-sale est. $3-4,000.00 . My favorite piece in the sale . 





The majority of people in the U.S. do not care for this day ! 


A  D N C stooge would sell you out for “Frankie’s” bag o donuts ! , Sheik Frederich , 2018.

Dog o the week ! 

Movie o the week , Valdez is Coming , 1971. 

Shitty movie o the week , Black Panther , 2018 . Don’t like super hero movies in general , but i do not get the concept of this one at all . A big hit world wide but un rate-able in my opinion 

Song o the week , Death Koolaid , Kids on Vol. 2 , 2016.


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