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It’s still slow and looks to stay that way for the foreseeable future ! 






Rippon – Boswell , Wiesbaden , Germany held their “Poppmeier Coll.” sale today and initial “Liveauctioneer” posted reports make it look to be another rousing success for Mr Maltzahn and the Rippon rug dept . At this moment out of the 88 total lots offered for sale only 18 are left unsold . A very positive sale out come of right at 80%. As i figured the Moroccan items were weak .  However as is the norm i am sure Mr Maltzahn is working the phones to move the unsold items .

As for the 2 lots i featured in the previous post both sold well over their high pre-sale estimates. 

Lot # 14 , “Nidge” kilem frag. . Pre- sale est. € 3,5- 4,200.00 sold for a healty pop at € 9,000.00

Lot # 44 , “Yuncu” kelim . Pre- sale est. € 10- 12,000.00 . Sold for € 24,000.00 . A nice upside move but i still think the new owner got a decent deal on a great example , my favorite piece in the whole sale !

After a conversation since the sale concluded with Mr Maltzahn he told me he had a bit of luck with the majority of the unsold lots including the Moroccan items and only 6 lots remain unsold which pops the sold total up to 93% . A nice move to the upside on an already , job well done .

One more thing , if you have not seen the hard cover it’s first class too ! 






The truth , go Lizzy ?



Christie’s , N Y C has a general antique auction titled “ The Collector” scheduled on April 10th that includes 11 various rugs and carpets . Nothing earthshattering but one lot did attract my attention. 

Lot # 371 , Caucasian Silk embroidery , possibly 18th century . Pre- sale estimate $15-20,000.00 . Blury illustration , piece is most likely far better in person ! 




Go with God , Frank Avruch , AKA the original “Bozo the Clown”  , a true American legacy ! 




Christie’s , NYC held a two day sale titled “Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art” that concluded today which featured 3 pile carpets and 7 various textile lots . From an overall stand point the sale outcome was fairly strong for Christie’s with a sale total  of $ 17,427,875.00 showing that even with the political turmoil the Chinese market is still running hot. As for the rugs and textiles in the sale inventory all sold and sold well at well . The one carpet i found most interesting is illustrated below .

Lot # 965 , Ningxia carpet , 2nd half 19th century . Pre- sale estimate , $ 20-30,000.00 . Sold for $ 18,750.00 including comm. Slightly below the low est. perhaps because of restoration . This piece had also been around the block before which could have also affected the price ?  

The other 2 pieces were newer but in better condition and brought stronger prices . Condition still matters ! 


“Cottone Auctions” , Geneseo , N Y held a general antique auction today that included 14 various oriental carpets and rugs . Unfortunatly just one of said pieces warrants a mention .

Lot # 401 Chajli carpet , pre- sale estimate $ 8-1,200.00 . Sold for a very reasonable $2,200.00 plus comm. A very poor quality  online illustration could have lead to what seems to be a very good buy for the new owner ! 




Bonham’s, London has a sale titled “Important Design” on April 25th that includes 1 velvet textile and 3 oriental carpets of which one is worth a line or two. 

Lot # 95 , possibly 16th century “Ushak” carpet . Pre- sale estimate £ 150-200,000.00 . These are usually cookie cutter items but this one appears to be a far better example and in their poor quality illustration looks to be in pretty good condition which is a big plus ! 


Sotheby’s, London is back in the game with their major” spring rug and carpet auction scheduled on April 23rd featuring the 2nd portion of the vaunted “Alexander Collection” . Well for starters the first group of this coll. created quite a commotion last year  . Unfortunately i do think this part of the group is quite as strong as the first and may not garner the same outcome . There is however one lot that did catch my eye posted below .The rest of the total 127 lots of rugs and carpets include some very good items but nothing in the way of a clear cut barnburner to get the “Rug Mob” buzzing ! 

Still a pretty good offering overall. 

Lot # 28 Karapinar Rug Frag . Pre- sale estimate £ 50-80,000.00 . My pick o the litter ! 



Austria Auction Co. is back at it with their “Vienna Symposium Rug Auction” ?  scheduled on April 7th at their “Palais Breuner” location. The sale includes 124 lots of rugs , carpets and textiles and 8 lots of rug publications .

So after a few passes through the sale inventory i can’t find even one notable lot to write about . This just looks like a mid to low end house cleaning assortment at best but if you have extra time on your hands check it out you may feel differntly about the selection than i do ! 



Happy D N C Day , !!!


In the real world today a Racist = anybody who disagree’s with the D N C ! , Sheik Frederich , 2018. 

Dog o the week ! 

Movie o the week , Atomic Blonde , 2017. 

Shitty movie o the month , Independence Day , Resurgence , 2016. 4.5 poopsicles out of 5 . Easy to see why Will Smith opted out of this one.

Song o the week , Jizzy Pearl , Your’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone , on All You Need is Soul , 2018.

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