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Another quite beginning to the new week !



Sad news on V. Day 

Via Con Dios , Ricky Morris , O.G. Brimfield pirate passed today . A good man and great friend , you will be missed .











Rippon Boswell’s auction of the “Poppmeier Coll.” scheduled on March 10th in Wiesbaden , Germany is live “ on the line” now to break up the winter doldrums . 

This is a some what diverse group of 88 pieces with a fairly exclectic range of items to consider . Some very good , some maybe not so much , to my eye. I will say this to D.M. and the Rippon staff the hard cover catalog is first class !

The inventory for the most part consist of early Anatolian kilims and kilim fragments which is not necessarily my area of interest but there are some pieces that look very intriguing . Besides that there are various pile items from Morocco and other ethnic textiles from a variety of weaving areas. This definitely a sale for collectors who actually know a bit about early and specialized kilims, carpets and textiles . So if thats your area of interest this just maybe the offering for you .  

Although  not items that generally peak my interest i did notice two that i though very highly of which are featured below . 

Lot # 14 , Nigde kilim frag. Pre- sale est. € 3,5 – 4,200. Bold design with great color .


Lot # 44 , Yuncu kilim . Pre-sale est. € 10- 12,000.00 . Good examples of this type kilim are very scarce which makes the starting point seem realistic . For what its worth , my favorite piece in the sale .

Final thought , I think this sale might just do very well for Mr Maltzahn and the crew at Rippon !




No reason the Rock can’t roll on ! 



Today’s ‘ Palias Dorotheum’ offering in Vienna , Austria has just wrapped up and considering the very mundane overall selection of merchandise in the auction this sale turned out pretty well for them. If their posted results are accurate out of the 231 total lots run across the podium approximately 144 attracted bidder attention . That works out to a fairly respectable sold percentage of right at 62 % . Far better than their competitions outcome a couple of weeks ago . As i stated in the previous post i felt this sale was focused on the European retail market where age could be considered secondary to good condition which has been a factor in that market for a long time and still appears to be . Not that this is a bad thing just far different.than how the U.S. market judges items at least in my experience. One observation i have after going over the prices fetched a couple of times is more than a few of these late pieces in good condition commanded prices well over their pre-sale starting points which is positive for the Dorotheum rug dept. and the overall European rug market in general . Is been somewhat sedated over there lately so any little boost is certainly welcome . 

With that said , kudos to them for a job reasonably well done !

As for the two pieces i featured in the sale review both found new homes .

Lot # 84 , Tekke Khalyk , pre- sale starting point € 6,000.00 . Sold for € 7,500.00 including comm . I feel the price fetched is inline with slightly late date of the example , just my opinion !

Lot # 170 , Tibetan Khaden , pre- sale starting point € 2,200.00 . Sold for € 2,750.00 including comm. I guess someone out there agrees with my unfocased taste ! 





Out of town visitor and commerce .


Enlightenment at the D N C is a pipe dream , they will never see the light of the new day ! , Sheik Frederich , 2018

Dog o the week !

Movie o the week , The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo . 2011 .

Shitty movie o the Month , The Magnificent Seven , 2016 remake  . Denzel is great , but this movie was an insult to the original . The characters had no character ! 

Song o the week ,  Trivium , The Heart from Your Hate on The Sin and the Sentence , 2017 .

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