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More tragic news in the music world to begin the new blog post .

Go with God , Delores O’Riordan a founding member and lead vocalist of the Irish alt – rock band “The Cranberries” unfortunately passed over to the other side today . A solid voice and great fallen talent , you will be missed !











Well the first oriental rug sale of the new year is now in the books .

Austria Auction Co. , Vienna , Austria’s sale of the Vartian Coll. just wound up and from a lots sold standpoint it was modestly successful for Udo and the gang . Out of the 61 pieces run across the podium 44 attracted bidding activity. This is of course according to “liveauctioneer’s” figures which are sometimes spotty at best but if accurate it would be a sold percentage of right at 72 %. Not bad for a small offering with limited serious collector appeal. Something else worth noting , there was little in the way of upside pops to create any energy or spark bidding action . 

Just on lot # 12 , Silk Khotan , pre- estimate € 2-3,000.00 sold for € 6,000.00 but thats about it as far as highlights go . Most of the rest of the items sold at or below their pre-sale estimates. 

Next the Feb 3rd general rug sale at the very busy Austria Auction Co. 








Todays rug extravaganza at Austria Auction is now another minor foot note in rug history and if the “ liveauctioneer’s” numbers are correct this could only be considered a “ major” disappointment for Mr Langauer and the A.A.C. rug dept. Out of the 189 total lots offered for sale only approximately 46 might have found new homes . A dismal sold percentage of right near 24% . One other thing worth a mention. Nothing at all in the way of any upside pops , most everything that sold , sold “below”  the low pre-sale estimates.  Granted this was a very lack luster assortment of items but i personally thought it would fair far better than this !

Oh well ! Back to the drawing board , better luck next time ! 


Out of town visitor and commerce ! 






The “Palais Dorotheum” Vienna Austria has their next rug , carpet and textile auction scheduled on Feb.28th live “on the line” now for your viewing amusement . 

Well after a couple of passes through the sale inventory my impression is this is a sale pointed directly at the European retail market with little or perhaps nothing to get the wanna-be intellectual international collecting rug- mob buzzing . For the most part the sale consist of 231 total lots of late 19th to early 20th century “furniture” type items or fancy city rugs and carpets of no interest to serious collectors what so ever . However to be fair there are a small hand full of slightly more interesting pieces of which 2 are featured below. It’s still very quite in rug- dumb so if you have nothing better to do , check it out you never know you might find something . 

Lot # 84 , Tekke Khalyk , pre- sale starting point € 6,000.00 . As late as they get but a highlight of this assortment !

Lot # 170 , Tibetan Khaden , pre- sale starting point € 2,200.00 . Late 19th and unimportant but still not something you see everyday !


Out of town visitor and commerce !


Out of town visitor and commerce to end the week .

Nothing left to do but finish the week on a metal note ! 


Feeling sorry for N.P. and the D N C with their none progressive tunnel vision ideas has unfortunately become a full time job ! , Sheik Frederich , 2018.

Dog o the week !

Movie o the week , Fair Game , 2010 . 

“Shitty” movie of the month , Mission Impossible , Rogue Nation , 2015 . 4.5 poopsicles out of 5 !

Song o the week , The Cranberries , Zombie on No Need to Argue , 1994 .

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