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The year is ending on a quiet but somber note .

Go With God , Mercedes Grabowski , aka August Ames , Dec. 5th . Far to young at just 23 years ! 


A couple of somewhat modest rug auctions on the horizon.

Austria Auction Co , Vienna , Austria has a pair of “for the most” part unimportant sales scheduled in the first part of the new year .

The first one is a single owner sale featuring 61 lots from the Azad Vartian collection scheduled on Jan.28th , 2018. I don’t know who this fellow is but this looks more like Persian rug dealer’s inventory rather than a serious rug collection . Lots of Persian city rugs and silk carpets which from the illustrations appear to be in good condition but unfortunately nothing in the way of bona fide collectors item of any type. The one thing that is the “only” appealing aspect of the group “for the most part” is Mr Langauer has kept the pre-sale starting points on the conservative side which is good if this is your cup of tea ! 

Next up a general rug sale scheduled on Feb. 3rd that features 189 lots of all types of rugs , carpets , flatweaves and textiles . For starters this is a far more interesting group of items than the Jan. sale but unfortunately it also does not included any top shelf collectors pieces. Plenty of nice items but nothing to get the infamous “ rug- mob” buzzing. Something worth mentioning , the majority of lots in the sale inventory come from 2 well known rug world figures . Mr S. Azadi and Kurt Munkacsi interesting ? The Azadi items seem to be from his business inventory which leads one to ask the question where are the top shelf items ?  I did not check but the Munkacsi pieces may be leftovers from the first sale ? Something else to ponder ,  some of the Azadi Turkmen lots have modestly aggressive pre-sale starting points . Considering the possibility these items are not necessarily fresh to the market this could hold them back a bit  ? Once again just an opinion nothing more ! 





Out of town visitors and commerce to end the year .


Happy New Year to all !


Strive to keep your head on straight in this New Year ! 




Modest in shop score today ! 






One more passing over to the other side ! 

R.I.P. “Fast” Eddie Clarke , legendary lead guitar player and last surviving member of the classic early line up of “Motorhead. Following that he was a founding member of “Fastway “ with Pete Way of UFO . Gone now , but never forgotten ! 





Slow times in the rug world are certainly upon us for the forseeable future .

Something bright to end the post ! 


People who constantly deal in trick / got’cha questions are in fact the “fools”  themselves , DNC  ! , Sheik Frederich , 2017/ 2018 !

Dog o the week !

Movie o the week , Casablanca , 1943

Song o the week , Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons , Welcome to Hell on The Age of Absurdity , 2018 . 

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