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Moderately interesting piece of textile news to start the new week . 

Tremont auctions , Newton Ma. held a 2 day general Asian art sale on Oct. 14 -15th and one item included in the 2nd day of the sale inventory caught my eye.

Lot # 912 , embroidered “Chinese” throne back (18th century) with a pre-sale estimate of $1-2,000.00 rocketed to a sold price of $30,000.00 + comm. Obviously under estimated by the Tremont staff and a nice upside surprise for the consigner ! 



Possible new O.C.G. client ! 




Another quiet Sunday ! 


9 am. West coast time .

So here we go. 

Skinner’s Fall Classic “ major “ rug & textile auction is off to the races and for all intents and purposes it looks like Mr Kearny and staff have another winner on their hands . For starters i did not think very highly of the sale inventory because of the lack of top shelf collectors items included in the group but by all accounts i was off the mark on that one!

Out of the approx. 361 total lots offered up for your bidding gratification only 65 failed to find new homes . A sold percentage of right at 82 % . 

As for the sale itself most of the lots that sold , sold in the neighborhood of their pre-sale estimates which for mid -range merchandise is to be expected . A modest hand full of the lots did sell over their high estimates but not enough to make serious difference in the sale outcome. Two lots, #’s 13 & 84 could be considered moderate upside surprises but on the down side only 3 lots cracked the $10 K treshhold . So there you have it , not quite as successful as some of their past sales but still a pretty good outcome for Skinner’s Inc, and certainly a very positive result , in my opinion ! 

One last thing . Perhaps if Skinner’s focased a portion of their sights on the high end it would affect the sale outcome in a positive way and the overall sale total would be higher . 


104 today ! 

Now for the sale i have been waiting for ! 

Sotheby’s , London held their “Hodgkin” auction today and from a rug , carpet and textile point of veiw it was a rousing success . 

To start with all the carpets and carpet fragment lots sold which because of the high quality of the pieces themselves was to be expected . However 2 tapestry lots and 2 textile lots failed to attract any attention . Most all the pile pieces sold over their high pre-sale estimates many way over . The complete sale in general was very successful for Sotheby’s . The large collection of Islamic tiles were very strong with quite a few selling for many times over their high side , pre- sale estimates . If you want to see a realy great personal coll. check out the full results with prices fetched on the Sotheby’s website . Its well worth your time !

As for the pieces i featured in the earlier review , all sold very well.

Lot # 222 , Joshugan carpet frag. Pre-sale est. £ 3-5,000.00. Sold for £ 17,500.00. No surprise here and well worth it . 

Lot # 241 , “ Von Hirsch “ cpt. fragment . Pre- sale est. £ 80-120,00.00. Sold for £ 224,750.00 . An important piece , not a surprise and again well worth the final figure . 

Lot # 447 , Caucasian Sumak couch . Pre -sale est. £ 1-2,000.00 Sold for £ 5,000.00 . Way cool. To bad it was so far away from me ! 


Todays Islamic Art sale at Sotheby’s , London is in the books now and and from an overall stand point it appears it was moderately successful for them. There was a noticeable amount of unsold lots but that said the Islamic Art arena seems to still be fairly strong and substancial number of the various sold lots garnered prices well into 6 figures . Lot numbers 1 , 14, 23, 90, 98, and 195 to name a few . As for the 5 Islamic textile lots i mentioned in the earlier post , 4 sold , 1 failed to attract any attention .  

Lot # 159 Ottoman Catma panel . Pre-sale est. £ 80-120,000.00 sold for £ 100,000.00 . Just not in the same league as the pieces that sold for big numbers in an earlier sale ? 


The “Islamic” and “Indian” art auction including oriental carpets at Christie”s , London just wrapped up and from the point of view of the rugs. carpets and textiles included in the offering it was only moderately productive for Ms Broadhurst and staff . Out of the 64 total lots of rugs and  carpets included in the inventory just 39 ended up selling . A decent sold percentage of right at 60% . Nothing to celebrate about but not bad either . As i figured some of the lots with aggressive pre-sale estimate found trouble attracting bidding action and failed to sell. Note lot #’s 284 , 287 , 301 and 302. East Turkestan and Chinese pieces were a weak spot in the group. However to be fair some of the pieces with high starting points did sell , but for the most part right in their predicted ranges . One lot # 307 did pop up a bit but thats about it for highlights .

As for the 3 susani’s in the group 2 sold , but only 1 of the 3 textiles did . 

Concerning the one lot i featured  in the earlier review , lot # 298 , it failed to sell. I guess no one saw the humor i did !

In the end a decent outcome for the Christie’s rug dept. but but iam sure considering the presale buzz they were hoping for a more up beat outcome . Oh well , maybe next time ! 

One more thing ! 

All eyes on San Francisco for the start of this years ART’s fair .

Good luck to all the exhibitors .


Up next , Sotheby’s  NYC , “Collections”  .  

So the sale is underway and so far as far as rugs and tapestries go , up to this point its a clean sweep for the Sotheby’s rug dept. Not really a grand undertaking for the rug dept. but all 6 pieces included in the sale inventory attracted bidders and ended up seliing. To that end though , they sold at or near their pre-sale estimates. Unfortunately nothing at all in the way of an upside pop to create excitement , things just ended up true to form !

Out of the 6 tapesties included in the offering five sold , one did not. Something worth noting , the prices fetched on the tapetries seemed to be stronger across the board , more so than the rugs in the sale . Just better more desirable items i guess ! 

The one lot i featured in an earlier post did sell , abet just below the low end of the. pre-sale estimate .

Lot # 88 , Caucasian Shield cpt. , pre-sale est. $ 50-80,000.00 . Sold for a modest $ 47,500.00. I really thought this piece would do better , but alas it’s not to be , this time out ! 

So far it looks like things are moving in a positive direction at the Friday night opening of ART’s , San Francisco. !

Now if business will just decide to  attend ? 


For your viewing pleasure ! 


Standard Sunday let down , unless your in San Francisco ! 

Keep in mind if you can’t “get” it then you will not understand “it” and you most likely could not comprehend “it” anyway,, its possilble you may never get “it” and you never really will , wise up , Sheik Frederich , 2017 .

Movie o the week , Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 2016 .

Song o the week , Coven , Wicked Woman on Witchcraft , 1969 .


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