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Another slow start .



Today’s Netherhampton sale is in the books but as usual nothing in the way of accurate posted results yet .





An interesting single owner sale is listed on the schedule at Sotheby,s , London on Oct. 24th .

The “Howard Hodgkin” collection . 

This is a substancial offering consisting of 454 total lots of paintings , Islamic tiles and Islamic  artifacts , 21 classic carpets / fragments and 15 classic tapestries and much, much more . I am not framilar with this artist / collector but judging from the quality of items in his collection he had a very good eye and the means to back it up. One thing worth noteing the pre-sale estimates on many of the carpets and rug fragment lots seem quite conservative so this sale should attract a lot of internation rug colector attention. This is easliy the most intesting sale on the auctiion calendar so far this fall season and well worth your while to take an extended look.

A few items that caught my eye are poste below . 

Lot # , 222 , Joshugan carpet fragment . Cut and shut but still very good . Pre- sale est. £ 3-5,000.00 . Even with the condition issues still a very realistic estimate on a classic design piece .

Lot # , 241 , Von Hirsch cpt. fragment . Pre- sale est. £ 80-120,000.00. This piece speaks for itself .

Lot # , 447 Caucasian sumak upholstered couch . Pre-sale est. £ 1-2,000.00 . To my eye the coolest carpet item in the sale . 

Sotheby’s , London also has another sale scheduled on Oct. 25th , titled “Arts of the Islamic World” . This sale does not include any pile rugs or flatweaves but it does feature 5 good Islamic textiles . One of which is another early Ottoman Catma panel ( lot # 159 ) with a pre-sale est. of £ 80-120,000.00. The last time they offered something of this ilk it did very well so it will be interesting to see what happens this time around !


Christie’s , London is also back in the game with an “Islamic Art” sale scheduled on Oct. 26th that features 3 Islamic textiles , 3 susani’s and  64 various rugs and carpets. After a few  passes through the sale inventory my feeling is this is a good but not truly great sale selection. That said there are however some very good items included in the group but nothing in the way of a true standout piece. One thing i did notice was Ms Broadhurst and the Christie’s rug dept. were not bashful when posting some rather aggresive pre- sale estimates on some of the better pieces in the group. High pre-sale estimates have a problem in the past so it will be interesting to see if they pass muster this time out ! 

One lot i did find sort of interesting in a strange way is posted below .

Lot # 298 , Silk Chinese mat . Pre-sale est. £ 3-5,000.00 . Unimportant , but not something you see everyday ! 



In a most timely fashion the results from Netherhampton Salesroom’s Sept. 20th sale are live “on the line” now to futher your rug market knowledge . 

So where to start , where to begin. Out of the approximately 407 lots offered up for your bidding pleasure appearently only 205 found new homes. A sold percentage of just over 50 % , right in line with their last sale that garnered a sold percentage of about 52% . One thing worth noting was that only 6 lots poped up over the £ 1,000.00 level. There were however a couple of modest upside surprises , lot #’s , 18 & 165 if your interested in things of this nature . So there you have the results of another run of the mill Netherhampton sale . Ms Barrett’ s next production is scheduled on Dec. 6th so mark it on your calendars cos ya don’t want to miss it !  


Skinner’s auction house , Boston, Ma. has their upcoming Oct. 23rd rug, carpet and textile catalog live “on the line” now . This time around Mr Kearny has assembled an inventory of approx. 360 total lots of all manner of oriental rugs , carpets and a large selection of unusal textiles. After going over the sale inventory a few times my opinion is the roomsize pieces and the textile selection is most likely what could be considered the strength of the group. Nothing at all in the way of a barnburner collectors item included in the sale but still plenty of somewhat interesting items to peak your purchasing curiosity. As has been the “method of opperation” of L.K. and staff in the past they have gone out their way to keep the pre- sale estimates and starting prices on the conservative side to make things more interesring and give everybody a shot at getting what they want , which is good business and smart in a spotty rug market ! 



Next up Austria Auction House , Vienna Austria , Oct. 14th. 

For this offering Mr Langauer and the gang  have collected a decent size group of 225 lots of various rugs, carpets and flatweaves .

O K , so after a few passes through the sale inventory i did not see anything that could be considered a clear-cut , top-shelf collectors item. Thats not to say there are not more than a few pretty good pieces in the group but there is also plenty of mid to low end filler items included too . I did not know jajims were that popular but thats just me ?  One thing worth mentioning , pre—sale estimates aside Udo has kept the starting price points on the realistic side for the most part this time out . Crafty in a soft market ! 

A. few lots that Peaked my interest are featured below .

Lot # 32 , Serab bag face . Pre-sale est. € 1,2- 1,600.00 . Starting point € 800.00 . To my eye very “cool “ graphic design ! 

Lot # 71 , Shustar kelim . Pre-sale est. € 1,8- 2,400.00 . Starting point , € 1,000.00 . Blinding graphics ? 

Lot # 176 , Karadashli main carpet . Pre-sale est. € 17- 25,000.00 . Starting point € 10,000.00. Easily the most interesting Turkmen included in a weak group. Just my opinion ! 



Getting even more crowded on the fall auction calendar Sotheby’s , NYC has a sale titled Collections , “European Decorative Arts” scheduled on Oct. 27th that includes 6 carpets and 6 classic tapestries. One thing to ponder , the lot discriptions on the rugs included iin this sale are spotty at best ?  Nothing earth shattering really but a couple of the pieces might attract a bit of international attention , particularly lot # 88 which is posted below . 

Lot # 88 , Caucasian Shield carpet , 18th century . Pre- sale est. $ 50-80,000.00. Cut and shut but still a good example . 






Out of town visitors and possible commerce . 



Something to think about . When your dealing with the misguided miscreants on the left who are wannabe progressives there are street smart people on the right to level out the balence ! , Sheik Frederich, 2017

Movie o the week , Hidden Figures , 2016 . 

Song o the week , L A Guns , Speed on The Missing Piece , 2017 .


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