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Back on line and bang-in !








Via Con Dios , Melvin “Deacon” Jones , who played with the likes of , John Lee Hooker , Greg Allman , Curtis Mayfield and so many more .One of the greats on the Hammond B-3 and a great friend too ! You will be missed .





Nagel Auction , Stuttgart , Germany has a teaser preview up online now for their Sept.12th rug and carpet sale unfortunately what they are showing is not particularly interesting , but time will tell !



Sunday , quiet Sunday !








The return !









A very interesting take on todays solar eclipse !


Austria Auction Company,  Vienna , Austria’s unreserved online rug and carpet sale is underway and at this precise moment and up to this point most everything offered up is selling. Granted alot of these things are garning give away prices but as i always say sold is still sold . Now all there is to do is monitor the full results and tally the final outcome.

So Udo’s sale just finished up and the posted “liveauctioneers” figures show every lot got bids and every lot possibly found a buyer . If these stats hold up and everyone pays then it’s certainly a job well done by the Austria Auction Co. gang . Like i said earlier a large portion of the items in the offering sold at very conservative prices but for the most part they were low end , shop stock , house cleaning grade items anyway  so modest prices were to be expected . In the end still a good outcome for Udo and staff so a tip of the hat to them !

Next up their fall “major ” sale on Oct. 14th . Hopefully some topshelf items ?


Christie’s , NYC’s “Living with Art” sale has just wrapped up and for all intents and purposes it turned out very well for them . Out of the 27 lots of rugs and carpets run over the podium all ended up finding new homes . Granted this was a small offering but 100 % sold is still 100 %. There was really nothing of any particlar importance in the group or any significant up side surprises but some of the pieces did garner pretty good prices. So in a quiet summer rug market still a very nice outcome for Ms Parker and the Christie’s rug dept . Kudos to you !



As for the fall rug and carpet auction season Nagel Auction , Stutgart , Germany is first out the gate with their fall catalog live “on the line” now. The group includeds 156 lots of rugs , carpets and all manor of flatweaves and unusual ethnic textiles plus 27 lots of Islamic art and objects. Unfortunately there is not one star piece in the entire sale inventory. Don’t get me wrong there are a handful of moderately interesting items in the group but nothing at all to get the “rug mob” buzzing . One thing worth noting for the most part they have kept the pre- sale estimates on the coservative side except for a couple of Lakai pieces , lot #’s 146 and 148 of which they are particularly proud of. Other than that a fairly unremarkable sale.

All said and done another mediocre Nagel auction but we still hope they post good results on game day !

Lot # 148 Lakai square . Pre- sale estimate € 5,500.00 . Must be great in person !



Out of town visitors and commerce .


Another quiet Sunday !

Parting shot

Still nothing as far as updated details on the Oct. 27th-29th ART’s show in SanFrancisco ?


Its not that the right is so right , it’s that the left is stuck in the darkcavern of “tunnel vision” and so are the misinformed “wannabe”  intellectuals and they can’t seem to find their way back ! , Sheik Frederich .

Movie o the week , The Boondock Saints , 1999 .

Song o the week , The Chambers Brothers , Time Has Come Today on The Time Has Come Today , 1967 .

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