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On April 2nd Mossgreen Auctions , Sydney , Australia held a single owner sale of the “Jacques Cadry Coll. “that included 131 various rugs , carpets and textiles. This was an unusual collection in that it included more pictorial rugs than I can remember seeing one place at any given time . Unfortunately for the owners it did not turn out that well for them . Besides the pictorial pieces most of the other items in the sale were fairly late which led to a lot of them not selling . Out of the 131 pieces run across the podium only 62 ended up garnering any attention. Just under 50 % sold. Most at or under their pre-sale estimates. You can see the whole thing at  mossgreen.com.au  

That said there were a couple of pieces worth a line or two .

Lot # 30 , “Gallipoli” Silk Turkish rug , . Pre-sale est. USD $113-151,000.00 . Sold for USD , $ 131,406 including comm. Historic ? , an oddity and certainly not something you see every day and of course it fetched a handsome sum to boot !

Lot # 118 , “Bokhara” susani . Pre- sale est. USD $ 11,354- 13,625.00 . Sold for USD $ 13,460.00. Not the best but a standout in this rather weak group . 

Next up !

The results from today’s rug , carpet and textile auction at the “Dorotheumn” in Vienna , Austria are live ” on the line” now for all who care to peruse them .

So here you go .

Out of the 172 total lots offered up for sale , 96 ended up selling . A sold percentage of right at 56% . Not good , but not bad either , decent at best . Based on the rather uninteresting nature of the sale inventory there was nothing in the way of an upside pop or any other surprises . The pieces that sold , sold at or around their opening bid estimates . Some a little higher , some not so much . An average outcome for a mediocre sale and that as they say , is that !


Christie’s, NYC has an auction titled “Opulence” scheduled on April 13 that includes 34 assorted rugs that for the most part fall into the decorative category. Nothing much really in the way of any collectors items , but one early ? Chinese small carpet did peak my curiosity .

Lot # 224 , The Boone lion-dog carpet . Possibly 18th century . Pre- sale est. $ 10-15,000.00 . If the age is correct and the condition is decent it could do well. 

Sotheby’s, London has an Islamic art sale titled ” Arts of the Islamic World ” scheduled on April 26th. This sale does not include any pile rugs or carpets but does feature 20 various textile lots and one low-end susani . Some of the textile items appear to be quite exceptional . What I would consider the best oAvailable Toolsne is posted below but if this is your area of interest you should certainly check out the online illustrations it’s well worth your time.

Lot # 139 , Ottoman Cintamani pattern velvet and metal thread panel . Pre-sale set. £ 200-300,000.00. Striking and definitely not for the beginner. 


Not to be out done Ms Broadhurst and the Christie’s, London rug dept. have been on the job too.

They have an Islamic Art sale titled “Arts of the Islamic and Indian Worlds” scheduled on April 27th that includes 6 textile lots and 35 various rugs and carpets some of which look very good in comparison to what’s been offered up this spring auction season . This  sale is a little on the modest side but does feature a few top shelf decorative pieces and a hand full of what appear to very good classic examples , two of which I posted below .

Lot # 140 , Ottoman Velvet Panel, 17th century . Per-sale estimate £ 100-150.000.00 . Not inexpensive but it looks pretty enticing! 

Lot 186 , Lotto carpet , 17th century . Pre- sale estimate £ 15-25,000.00. Small in size but supposedly in good good condition. If so the pre-sale est. is very realistic.

For my money although limited in size this is the most intriguing  rug and textile auction group so far this spring season and well worth your time to check out , so a tip of the hat to Ms Broadhurst and staff ono a job well done in my opinion !

Two weeks till the East Coast !


More Christie’s news .

Christie’s , South Kensington, London also has an auction titled” Arts and Textiles of the Islamic & Indian Worlds” scheduled a day later on April 28th , convenient ?

No rugs and carpets in this offering but it does include 24 textile lots and 9 susani’s , some good some not so much . One very good one is posted below. This sale is not quite on the same level of the previous days sale at Christie’s , London sale but there are still plenty of interesting Islamic items in the sale inventory, if that your thing .

Lot # 295 Shakhrisabz Susani . Pre- sale est.£ 30-50,000.00 . Slightly larger than other examples of this type . Easily the best textile item in this group and one of the best susani’s in this Spring auction season outside the Vok Coll. pieces ! 


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