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Nice score to finish last week !


Still not much to speak of as far as fresh rug dumb news !


For your viewing pleasure , Rock on !

4 weeks till NYC !




Morning road trip .

Vok Day at Rippon !

Fini , done , kaput , over and out.

That’s it for today’s “Vok Coll.” Selection 3 sale at Rippon- Boswell in Wiesbaden, Germany and as one would suspect it once again turned out quite well for Mr Vok ,  D.M. and the Rippon staff. Out of the 94 lots up for sale only 9 failed to garner any interest but as is the m.o. at Rippon i am sure they are working the phones after the sale to find buyers for the unsold lots.

So here we go . The majority of the unsold lots were in the early part of the sale where the more common , less desirable lots were placed. As I stated in the previous post the first 20 or so lots were not up to the high standards of all the other items in the Vok Coll. , in my opinion , however there are things of this nature in all collections put together over a long period of time. That said there were also a number of upside pops to lend excitement to the auction .

One lot that did surprise me a bit was lot # 261 , Kermina Susani . Pre- sale est. € 30-35,000. Sold for € 62,000.00= comm, To my unsophisticated eye far from the most beautiful piece in the offering but someone else really liked it !

All said and done another great job done in a spotty rug market by Mr Maltzahn and the Rippon rug dept. so “kudos” to them !

As for the lots I featured in the earlier post they all found new homes .

Lot # 220 , Qashgai Kelim , pre- sale est. € 4-5,000.00 . Sold for € 4.200.00+ comm. Right in the zone .

Lot # 236 , Yuncu kelim , pre-sale est. € 3,5- 4,200.00. Sold for € 30,000.00+ comm. Not unexpected as good examples of this type have been scarce lately. My second favorite piece in the sale .

Lot # 260 , Karshi Susani , pre-sale est. € 30-35,000.00 . Sold for € 48,000.00+ comm. A modest but well deserved upside burst.

Lot # 269 , Ura Tube Susani , pre- sale est. € 40-48,000.00 . Sold for € 46,000.00+ comm. Not nessarily inexpensive but right in the boundaries. For what it’s worth my favorite item in the group.


Out of town visitor.


Set aside the infernal desire for empathy and just get the job done ! , Sheik Frederich , 2017.

Song o the week , Lamb of God , Still Echoes on VII:Strum Und Drang , 2015 .

Movie o the week , Bridge of Spies , 2015 .

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