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Netherhampton Salesroom’s, Salisbury, U.K. held their March rug and textile auction today and if “the Salesroom’s” posted results are any indication of how it went for them and the posted “last bid ” figures hold up it turned out very positive for them. 

These are of course unaudited results , but here we go. 

If these numbers are accurate only 5 lots failed to garner any bids , at all. If so , this could be one of the most productive sales they have recently held . Granted most of the items sold at or near their very conservative pre-sale estimates and a moderate portion sold below the low side of the pre- sale estimates . Nothing at all in the way of any upside pops . 

But as I always say, sold is still sold .

Like I stated in the previous post there was absolutely nothing in the way of high end items of any type to create any kind of buzz around the sale but it still garnered plenty of interest.

They did however do a little better as far as lots breaking the £ 1,000.00 threshold with 16 reaching that level . Right at 5 % of the total lots offered , somewhat better than the last few sales so that’s a positive move forward for Ms Barrett and the rug dept.. All in all if the results stand it shows there is life in low end items at least on the European side of the rug market . As you all know it’s a little on the weak side in the U.S. So we end with a tip of the hat to the Netherhampton rug dept. for what appears to be a job well done in a treacherous rug market ! 


Out of town visitor.

Keep guessing?


In what looks to be the highlight of the Spring auction season , at least up to this point Rippon- Boswell’s Vok Collection , Selection 3 scheduled on March 25th in Wiesbaden, Germany is live ” on the line” now for your viewing experience. This time around the inventory features 94 total lots of flat weaves , sumaks and susani’s . As with the previous 2 sales this group includes plenty of top shelf , serious items although the first 20 pieces fall more into the mid-range , beginner category. That said there are at least 16 clear cut winners in this group in my opinion , of which 4 of my personal favorites are illustrated below. This is not a recommendation to buy these items it’s just the ones I thought were some of the most intriguing . There are plenty more pieces that are notable i just do not think it’s necessary to post them all. It’s well worth your time to peruse the complete sale weather your a flat weave and textile person or not.

Lot # 220 , Qashgai kelim , pre-sale est. € 4-5,000.00 . Great eye appeal ! 

Lot # 236 , “Yuncu” kelim , pre-sale est. € 3,5-4,500.00. Condition issues ,but a powerful design .

Lot # 260 , Karshi susani , pre- sale est. € 30- 35,000.00 . Not inexpensive but a great one .

Lot # 269 , Ura Tube susani , pre-sale est. € 40-45,000.00 . My personal top pick of the whole sale .


To round out the week we have the catalog from the upcoming “Dorotheumn” rug and carpet auction scheduled on April 3rd in Vienna , Austria up and available ” on the line ” now . What the “Dorotheum” rug dept has assembled this time out is 172 late, newish ordinary rugs , textiles and carpets. Unfortunately this is another sale that looks to be focused on the European retail rug market. For the most part all the items appear to be in very good condition which is what seems to be what sells well in that region of the market.  Nothing at all for the serious international collectors included . Look if you must but this one may just be a waste of your time if your focused on real rug collecting ! Sorry .

One more thought ?

Still no activity on the “Austria Auction Co.” horizon , giving up ? Out of the picture , who knows ?


Alls quiet on the western front !


The wicked wheels kept turning with the smell of B.S.burning but keep in mind it always comes clean in the wash ! , Sheik Frederich, 2017


Song o the week , Body Count , No Lives Matter on Bloodlust , 2017.



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