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Once again a quiet start to a new week !


Scraping the bottom of the barrel ! 

Hardly important or worth reporting but Christie’s, London , S. Kensington has a general antique / merchandise ( Interiors ) sale scheduled on March 15th that features approximately 34 various antique / used modern decorative rugs and carpets . Nothing at all in the way of collectible items just “rugs” but if your in the vicinity  , bored and in the market for furniture type rugs this could be your opportunity !


Happy B-Day !!!


Just keep guessing ?


Hellacious rain , flooding and power outages to end the week.



Other than poor weather the week ends with a whimper as far as the rug universe goes.


More Christie’s auction news .

Christie’s , NYC has a single owner Asian Art sale titled “Virata Family Coll.” scheduled on March 16th that includes 11 antique and earlier Chinese rugs and carpets . Most fall into the decorative arena but a few are somewhat older and one illustrated below looks fairly interesting , in my humble opinion .

Lot # 637 , ” Goloubew” five- medallion “day bed” carpet ?  . Pre- sale est. $ 20-30,000.00. Possibly 17th / 18th century.The oldest piece in the offering and if in good condition may just pop up a bit! 

R.I.P. , Brenda Buttner , host of Bulls and Bears on Fox . The show was great and you will not be forgotten !


To Whom it may concern ?

The Next ” Netherhampton Salesroom’s auction in Salisbury , U.K. scheduled on March 1st is live ” on the line” now . Unfortunately once again Ms Barrett and staff have put another somewhat smaller group of “run of the mill” , forgettable rugs , carpets and various flat weaves and textiles . This time around the inventory consist of a moderately constricted group of 308 total lots , far smaller than the usual Netherhampton production. Perhaps since the last sale did not go particularly well for them they scaled it back a bit ? As it’s been with them lately nothing at all in the way of a seriuos collectors item or top shelf decorative carpet either.

Not really worth your time unless your looking for common shop stock or stuff to sell at the swap meet but take a quick look if you must see everything.

You would think that to start the New Years spring auction market season they might try to step up there game a bit but that’s not to be with this selection just more of the same common handwoven drivel .

At any rate we may find out where the low end market stands in the new year after this sale and ” Good Luck ” to them , they just may need it in this spotty low end rug and carpet market !

One caveat on the current rug market , the high end does remain quiet strong if that’s your area of interest !



Unfortunately another one .

R.I.P. Alan Colmes , Liberal commentator on Fox . I did not agree with you on just about everything but but your comments were always clear and insightful  . Again you will not be forgotten.



Morning road trip and clear weather .


Another week ends on a quiet wet note !


Good or bad , left or right , right or wrong the hassles of political correctness created the struggle that continues but it’s still your right to be on the right ! , Sheik Frederich, 2017 .

Song o the week , Edge of Paradise , Alive , the single , 2017 .

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