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Toxic alert !

For those of you who do actually read the blog when I post an illustration of a piece in an auction or sale it’s not an endorsement to actually buy the item it’s just something I thought was somewhat interesting and in a small sale the “pickings” might be slim so the illustrated lot might not be high end just my opinion of the most compelling lot in the offering . That’s all .                                         

None of the posted items are ever an endorsement to actually buy the piece or promote a specific sale  . Draw your own conclusions on this subject and remember , buyer beware ! 


Plenty of rain and poor weather conditions are putting a damper on the rug trade in So Cal for the next few days !



The “Palmetto Hall” sale held at Christie’s , NYC  today is in the books and the results turned out very positive for them . Although there were only 11 rugs in the auction inventory all of them sold . As I said in the previous post the pieces were all in the decorative category but sold is still sold. Most brought prices at or near their pre-sale estimates but one room size carpet could be considered something of an upside surprise .

Lot # 66 , Sultanabad carpet , pre-sale estimate $ 10-15,000.00 ended up selling for $ 62,500.00 including comm. ,The high point of the rug  portion of the sale and a nice pop up for the estate !


The Big Day !

Sotheby’s , NYC held their ” Americana” sale that featured 34 rugs and carpets today and it was only a modestly successful venture for them . Out of the 34 lots offered for sale only 17 ended up garnering any interest. A sold percentage of right at 50 %. Nothing in the way of fire works or upside pops just slightly better merchandise selling at dealer range prices .Not however a completely terrible outcome considering all the other distractions going on today . 

As for the lot i featured in a previous post # 4073 , Anatolian village rug , pre- sale est.. $ 8-12,000.00 it failed to sell. I thought it was the most interesting piece in this limited inventory but perhaps the condition and the fact it had been through the auction ringer in the not to distant past contributed to the negative result ?

The better Chinese pillar carpets in the sale also did not attract any attention , so there you have it modest results from a limited  selection .

3 weeks into the new year and there are no less than 5 major rug auctions on the calendar already with I am sure more to come . The slow period ends in March with details to come when they are available.

One more thing to note .

The San Francisco Tribal & Textile Arts show is scheduled to run Feb.9-12 at the Fort Mason center . Perhaps 4 oriental rug dealers this year .

Also the possibility of a small over flow group at the Capri Motel ,


Out of town visitors and intriguing conversation , no commerce. This


More quiet , more rain !

Parting shot , No I didn’t .


Your lingering on the thought that you lost , fine now get on board with the real winner and move forward in the real world ! , Sheik Frederich, 2017 .

Song o the week , Grand Funk , We’re an American Band on Grand Funk , 1973 .

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