Rapistan Review


Languishing in the doldrums to start the week .  


Quiet before the storm ! 


Smooth out . Looks decent up to this point .

Bumpy in , but ahead of schedule arrival. 


Off to a wicked start with a warm and balmy 25 degrees ! The weather is really affecting the hunt for interesting pieces with nothing turning up so far . Not so much in the way of smiling faces either.


Crispy’er   than ever this morning at 18 degrees , still not much in the way of tempting items are surfacing. Just 2 pieces up to this point but that’s about it . Easily the least productive soujourn to the east coast to end this year . 

So you just can’t clear the bases on every trip .


Travel day and morning snow.

On time out and on time in . Good luck for a change !


Back to silence .


Gros & Delettrez , Paris , France held their rug , tapestry and textile auction today and it unfortunately did not turnout particularly successful for them . Out of the approximately 242 lots offered up for sale only 70 ended up attracting any attention . Somewhat of a dismal sold percentage of just at 29% . Right in the neighborhood of the Austria Auction Co. sale a few weeks ago and at the bottom of the list of sales to close out this fall auction season. When I reviewed this sale inventory for the earlier post I really felt it had a reasonable chance of attracting wide spread appeal because of the diversity of the items included in the group but based on the results I was way off base on that one. The sale was weak across the board with no area showing any strength at all. Although this sale was advertised “on the line” the lack of piece’s selling could certainly indicate a stagnant French rug and textile market ?

One more thing to note .

Lot # 186 , Chinese chair back , pre- sale € 1,2 – 2,400.00 which I featured in the previous post as you might surmise also failed to sell. Perhaps the rather stiff pre-sale estimate-reserve was a little much for the French rug merchants to handle !



Head long into the Christmas , Hanukkah holiday weekend .


It appears the rug market is taking some time off to celebrate the holidays too !


Hellacious rain in the O.C.


Eve of the big day!



Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah !

Morning road trip.



All Hail Boxing Day .  And that’s all Folks ?


Could there be light at the dark end of the black hole ? , Sheik Frederich ,2016 .

Song o the week , End of the year 2 fur !

Led Zeppelin, I Can’t Quit You Baby on Led Zeppelin, 1969 .

Rolling Stones , I Can’t Quit You Baby on Blue & Lonesome , 2016 .




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