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Looks to be a slow week as far as rugdumb goes but there is one piece of fresh auction news worth a line or two. 

Gros & Delettrez auctioneers, Paris , France have a rug , textile and tapestry sale scheduled on Dec. 19th that includes a very eclectic array of all manner of hand woven items from all the major weaving areas and then some. Nothing in the group could be considered high end collectors piece but there are more than a few unusual entries for your viewing pleasure and because the inventory is so varied it’s well worth your time to take a quick look . One lot that caught my eye is posted below .


Lot # 186 , Ningxia Throne Cover , pre- sale set. € 1,2-2,400.00 . Not the best condition and a rather stiff starting point but a fairly scarce design layout and kinda cool to my eye . As it’s been lately Chinese items are still “hot” which could bode well for this piece  and maybe the other Chinese items in the group .

Keeping on the subject of early Chinese rugs Christie’s , NYC held their ” Living with Art ” sale on Dec.2-3 and as you might expect it was a reasonably fruitful undertaking for them . 21 of the 25 rug and tapestry items offered up for sale ended up selling . Not a major production by any stretch of the imagination but still decent for Ms Parker and the Christie’s rug dept. in what has become a stagnate rug auction schedule in NYC lately .

Without a major rug sale at Sotheby’s or Christie’s this is what we have left to fill the void  , sad ! It would be healthy for the rug market in general if they got back in game but unfortunately not in the near future as far as I know .

The piece I featured in the previous post , lot # 152 , Ningxia carpet , pre-sale est. $ 80-120,000.00 went unsold . A high reserve or over restoration could have contributed to it not garnering any attention!




Remembering the day of infamy and the ” Netherhampton “sale today .

So it’s in the books for Ms Barrett and the Netherhampton rug dept. and they have another modestly successful venture on their hands today .

So here you go .

Out  of the 429 total lots run across the podium 264 ended up finding new homes . This works out to a sold percentage of right at 62%. Not a raging success but far better than some of the bigger auction houses posted in this fall season.  Granted these are unaudited online results from ” the saleroom ” online service and could vary at the end of the day but it still looks pretty good.

A couple things worth noting . They had little or no luck with the high estimate room size carpets in the group and only 9 items crossed the £ 1,000.00 threshold . Just 2 lots , #’s 140 & 526 could have been considered to be anything in the way of an upside surprise. Also the large group of mediocre Turkmens seemed to be especially weak this time around . That said they still ended up moving a large amount of merchandise so ” hats off ” to Ms Barrett and the Netherhampton rug dept. on a job fairly well done considering the large amount of items run through the various auction houses in the last 60 days or so .

More auction activity this time  at Christie’s , London . Their “From Ancient to Modren” concluded today and from a rug and tapestry standpoint it was a fairly successful venture for them . Not a big deal by any stretch of the imagination but 7 out of the 10 rugs and carpets sold and 1 of the 2 tapestries.

Both items I mentioned in the previous post ended up selling .

Lot # 95 , Transylvanian prayer rug . Pre-sale est. £ 20-30,000.00 . Sold for £ 35,000.00 . I thought highly of this piece and figured it would do somewhat better but that was not to be !

Lot # 112 18th century Kurdish cot. Pre- sale est. £ 10-15,000.00 . Sold for £ 12,500.00 . Right in the zone .

7 days and back on the road .


Quiet !



A pictures worth a 1,000 words . Especially on this occasion ! 


Out of town visitors and conversation !


Early morning road trip.

The week ends with many things on the plate to consider.


Trials and tribulations of living in these diverse and divisive times ? , Sheik Frederich , 2016 .

Song o the week , The Rolling Stones , Ride ‘Em On Down on Blue & Lonesome, 2016 . Far better than I expected !

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