Rapistan Review


Not much to critic so far this week but one minor snippet of fresh rug world news .

Christie’s , NYC has another one of their “Living with Art ” sales scheduled on Dec. 2-3 that features 25 various rugs , carpets and tapestries. For the most part the group is decorative in nature but there are a few mid – range Caucasians included in the offering . Unless your a carpet merchant only one item could be considered a real collectors item worth taking time to check out.











Lot # 152 , Ningxia carpet , 2nd half 18th century . Pre-sale est. $ 80-120,000.00. Scarce , large and in decent condition , but a slightly aggressive starting point ?


One more thing !

Bonham’s, Hong Kong has an auction scheduled on Nov. 29th titled , “Images of Devotion “. Obviously not a rug sale but it does include one very notable textile item worth mentioning.











Lot # 123 , Silk & gold foil embroidery of Vairocana , 14th – 15th century , Ming dynasty. Pre- sale est. $100-150,000.00 . Rare and very cool .


Beginning of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend so most likely not much to look forward to.


Imagine that !

Just in time for the Thanksgiving “turkey day”  celebration the Dec. 7th (sic) the upcoming “Netherhampton Salesroom’s” auction catalog is live on the inter-web for your holiday viewing pleasure but please don’t get sick .

That’s the good news , now the other shoe drops .

Unfortunately what we have to look forward to is more of what have been subjected to in the past few Netherhampton offerings . Approximately 429 lots of all manner of more or less low end items from all the major weaving areas . You name it rugs , kelims , carpets and textiles anything your little heart desires . As it’s been with Ms Barrett and staff lately they have not procured anything in the way of a true collectors item or high end decorative carpet . There are a couple of room size pieces they are particularly proud of but that’s about it. In the end nothing included to get the buying crowd aroused but if your in the neighborhood and need a little low end shop stock or items to sell at your local swap meet / flea market this may just be the opportunity your looking for. I will say this they used to post their sale results and they seemed to move a lot of merchandise which is a good thing but since they stopped posting the results who knows .

That said “good luck “to Ms Barrett and staff .


Happy Turkey Day !


Quiet !


Still on the silent side .


Part one of the trifecta is in the books so now we move on to the next step , S.F. 


After all is said and done who would have thought things would end up the way they have  , but that said , to the winner goes the spoils ?   Sheik Frederich, 2016 .

Song o the week , Vader , I Am Who Feasts Upon Your Soul on Welcome to the Morbid Reich , 2011.

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