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Even these days lightning strikes and modest dreams come true at your local flea market or swap meet .

But if you don’t go you won’t know !

No words for this one . Via Con Dios , Leonard Cohen . Thanks for your legacy ,you will be missed !


The bad day begins !

Erection Day  ,,,, New ” La Opinionada “poll ,,, Vote  !

Out of town visitors and good times !


The bad day turned good !

7 days till NYC.


The Rippon – Boswell “major ” winter rug and textile auction scheduled on Dec. 3rd in Stuttgart, Germany is live on the inter- web now for your viewing pleasure and to my somewhat critical eye Mr Maltzahn and the gang at Rippon – Boswell have assembled a pretty diverse group of items this time around . A little high end and some more affordable pieces , a little something for all budgets which is always a smart .

The first 57 lots of this offering are the “Wollheim Coll.” which includes some nice items but nothing to really get excited about . Three lots in this portion of the sale , #’s , 1, Pseudo – Chodor torba , # 5 , Ladik Column rug and # 37 , Mamluk carpet might create a bit of a buzz but that’s about it for this part of the sale of course in my opinion only and opinions do vary ! Please don’t get me wrong I am not knocking the Wollheim Coll. just better things to consider.

The general inventory of the rest of the sale are where the items I felt noteworthy are positioned . There are more than a few good to better items for you to ponder , more than I can list but I featured 2 that did stick with me below . 


Lot # 76 , Shakhrisyabz Susani , pre-sale est. € 40,000.00 . A moderately aggressive estimate for a great example . My personal favorite in the whole sale , not that it matters ! 


Lot # 193 , Jaffa bag face , pre-sale est. € 1,000.00 . Cheap thrills with a cool graphic design. 

All in all the “Rudnick sale” is still the one I think is the more interesting offering of this fall season but this sale is to my taste the next in line and number 2 isn’t so bad either ! This could be the most compelling assortment Mr Maltzahn has put together in the last couple of years so “hat’s off ” to him and the Rippon staff for a job well done . And Good Luck at the sale !


Friday , silent Friday .


Celebrate National Pizza Day !!

Unfortunately another one bites the dust.

R.I.P. , Leon Russell , your body of work speaks for itself .


Out of town visitors and commerce .


The reassignment of “Political Correctness” is eminent and not a minute to soon ,  Enshallah ! Sheik Frederich, 2016 .

Song o the week, Leonard Cohen , I’m Your Man on I’m Your Man , 1988 .

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