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Another slow start to the new week with just one small piece of fresh rug market news up to this point . But never fear , things are about to heat up in a substantial way !

Christie’s,NYC held their “Opulence” sale today and from a rug and carpet standpoint it went reasonably well for them . Out of the 39 lots run over the podium 23 items ended up selling . This works out to a sold percentage of right at 60 % . Nothing in the way of upside surprises as most of the weavings that sold were within their pre- sale ranges. It was however a fairly small group so not anything to get excited about . Just a job nicely done by Ms Parker and the Christie’s rug dept.

As for the piece I featured in an earlier post it did end up finding a new home .

Lot # 183 Khorassan “shrub” carpet fragment . Pre- sale est. a wide $15-30,000.00 ended up selling for $22,500.00 . Right in the zone so no surprise there but I did feel this carpet may do somewhat better !


Hells bells nature never fails !

Finally a sale worth blogging about.

Groganco, Boston , Ma is staging an auction of the “R.& M. Rudnick” rug collection on Nov. 20th .

So what we have to fire up your collecting appetite is 100 total lots of rugs , various flat weaves , textile items and 7 groups of rug and textile books. The Rudnicks are a very well known collecting couple who assembled this collection over a 30+ year period, at least . The bulk of the collection consist mostly of Caucasian pieces with a few other items from other weaving areas tossed so it will appeal to pretty much every rug enthusiast out there . There are a number of fairly well known , standout items in the collection that if you have been around the rug collecting world for awhile you will recognize. As is the normal M.O. with a Grogan production M.G. has for the most part kept the pre- sale estimates on the realistic side so if your serious but with a limited budget you can at least have a initial chance , however on the star pieces things could get intense . One more interesting thing worth noting, the year they acquired the piece and who they got it from is in every lot description . Most all from well known dealers !

This auction may well turn out to be the most absorbing from a collectors standpoint of the fall / winter 2016 season !

Two pieces that caught my eye are posted below.
Lot # 20, South Caucasian fragment. Pre- sale est. $ 4-6,000.00 . I have always been partial to this design and it looks to be a very representative example .
Lot. # 55, South Caucasian prayer rug. Pre-sale est. $ 20-30,000. A scarce and well known piece that could turn out to be the high water mark in the sale , if the right people get involved. And a lucky lot number to boot !


Two weeks till NYC !



7 days till the ART’s opening !

How early are you gonna get there ?



Quiet end to the week without much to write about but things will pick up shortly .


The ides of October are upon us and there is no way of preparing for them or predicting the outcome ! Sheik Frederich, 2016 .

Song o the week , Dark Tranquility, Atoma on Atoma ,2016 .

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