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The wind moves forward this week!



Travel day !

Smooth on time out .

Slightly early on time in.

Constipated intown traffic , again . U N is in session !

Netherhampton Salesrooms , Salisbury , U.K. held their Fall rug and carpet auction today but since I was in the air I have no idea how it turned out . Seems Ms Barrett and staff have adopted a policy of not posting the results anymore . They never did publish the results from the last sale on May 18th and since the previous sales totals were far from what would be considered successful ventures  maybe we will not be privy to that information in the future because the total sales figures have been falling into the dismal catagorie ! Who knows for sure , only J.B. and the crew at Netherhampton !


First day , off to the races !

Great weather and good moods so far , so we are sailing forward on the right track.

Traffic is still formidable .

As is the norm lately various desirable items have been offered with more on the line for tomorrow so things are looking good.

Modest food poisoning.


As i stated earlier much more pleasant weather here than back in the O.C. .

On the other hand traffic in the city is still out of control .

With that being the case and even thought everybody feels business is on the slow side there are still no sour faces to be seen so that’s always a positive scenario to conclude a venture .

Things are continuing to turn up and it looks like this trip is going to end up on a profitable note which leaves nothing left to do but clear the accounts ,packup and prepare for the flight back to the O.C. and O.C.G.

Another worthwhile excursion to NYC in the books .


Travel day .


Back on the track.

Nothing much to report since returning but one minor piece of fresh rug business news.

Groganco’s , Boston Ma. , has a general antique sale scheduled on Oct. 23rd  that features 13 rugs , carpets and one early tapestry . Nothing of any importance but better than a poke in the eye with a a sharp stick in a slightly slow market before the fall season moves into full swing.

More fresh rug world news !

J.T. at “Rugtracker” has a new post titled “The Ziegler Renaissance at Sultanabad” . Not nessarily of interest to the collectors field but as usual his work is very impressive and worth your time to take look. One thing about this particular post , its infact massive .  Plenty of early photos of buildings that are very cool .

As always great work , J.T.



Results from today’s Dorotheum sale in Vienna , Austria are posted live on the inter-web for one and all to over scrutinize .

What do I say , what do I know .

The sale went for the most part the way I figured it would . Out of the 226 lots run across the podium only 104 ended up finding new owners. A sold percentage of right at 46% . Not terrible but certainly not what the Dorotheum rug dept.was hoping for that is , as they say “for sure”. The inventory was overloaded with European taste fancy city Persian and Turkish early to mid 20th century pieces and that was where the majority sales action took place. Some of the items sold over their pre-sale starting points but really nothing much in the way of a true breakout to get over amped about . A reasonable but unremarkable turn of events for the Dorotheum rug dept. but hopefully they put together a more interesting sale next time out and are rewarded with a better outcome !

As for the piece I featured in a previous post it failed to garner any interest .

Lot # 20 , Caucasian Shield carpet . Pre- sale starting point € 22,000.00 , unsold . Condition issues or over exposed ? Who knows ? Unsold is still unsold .

What is commonly misunderstood is that if you continue to laydown with monsters you end up becoming one. ! Sheik Frederich , 2016.

Song o the week , Tygers of Pan Tang , Only the Brave , single , 2016 .

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