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To repeat myself once again , last weeks sojourn to the NYC market turned up a small group of of above average collectors items , believe it of course or not , your choice . That said i am sticking with my previously stated policy of of not posting illustrations of fresh desirable pieces “on the line” . I am also going to continue with my on going thought that serious collectors prefer good to great pieces that have not been posted on the internet so they have the luxury of doing themselves once the own the item. However if you find yourself in the O.C. feel free to make an appointment at O.C.G. and i will be glad to show you the pieces in person .




Fear the Zombo Apocalypse !




Early morning road trip.

Out of town visitors and commerce.


Netherhampton Salesrooms, Salisbury , U.K.’s , Sept. 21 sale is up online and available for your very careful consideration at this very moment . However as its been with Ms Barrett and the Netherhampton rug dept. lately this is just one more in a long line of dealer shop stock type sales. So here we go . This current sale includes approx. 401 lots of rugs , carpets , flat weaves and a smattering of various other ethnic textiles just as its been in their past few offerings . As is their M.O. recently nothing at all in the way of a noteworthy top shelf collectors item or high end decorator carpet , just another large group of mediocre / common items. I did notice a few slightly better dozar size furnishing carpets but unfortunately thats about it. As usual if your a bargain hunter or beginning rug enthusiast this might be the opportunity for you to see a wide variety of affordable entry level merchandise in one place .





Th upcoming “Dorotheum” , Vienna , Austria rug and carpet auction scheduled on Sept. 27th is live on the inter-web now for your viewing consumption now . This time around the inventory consist of 226 total lots of rugs ,carpets and textiles from most of the major weaving areas. Unfortunately from my point of view this sale for the most part is focused on the European retail rug market with the large majority of the pieces coming from the early to mid 20th century and not much in the way real collectors pieces . Nothing wrong with that but it leaves little of interest for international rug and textile community . There are plenty of good condition late Turkish silk carpets and Persian city pieces if that is your cup of tea !

After all that they did include a couple of somewhat more interesting items worth a second look scattered throughout the selection . One of which is featured below . Hardly anything to get excited about but better than nothing .


Lot # 20 , Caucasian Shield carpet 18th century . Pre-sale starting point Euro , 22,000.00 . If its in reasonable condition and not over restored could certainly be the high water point of the sale .

Initial reports in from the NYICS Show antique rug bourse is that there is decent attendance and business is being conducted. Good news for sure for those who choose to put up their time and capital to exhibit.


Out of town visitors and commerce.


Time for remembrance !

Ditch the “Bammer” and bring back the National Lampoon , Sheik Frederich , 2016.

Song o the week , Alter Bridge , Show Me a Leader , on The Last Hero , 2015



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