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Another quiet beginning .




Austria Auction Co summer house cleaning day , Yeh !

Well this this sale turned out to be about as close to a disaster for UDO and the gang as you can get . Out of the 196 offered for sale only 66 ended up selling . This works out to a sold percentage of right at 34%. Granted this had all the ear marks of a summer house cleaning sale but it still took time and cost money to stage so one would wonder if these type events are even worth the time and trouble to put on ? As for how the sale itself went City Persian pieces seemed fairly weak , however the Chinese area items appeared to sell pretty well. All in all I come away from this thinking it was a lot of work for very modest returns !




Hot, humid and hotter

Out of town visitor and commerce !


Out of town visitor.




Christie’s,  NYC held their general antique sale titled “Living with Art” that included 22 lots of rugs and textiles today and as luck would have it although a modest offering they managed to find new homes for all 22 lots run across the podium. Concerning the outcome of the sale itself , nothing in the way of upside surprises in the group and some of the unreserved pieces sold fairly reasonably . So that as they say is that !

As your luck would have it they have another “Living with Art” sale scheduled on Aug. 23 that includes approx. 35 lots of rugs , carpets , textiles and tapestries . This time the selection is a little more varied with a group of entry level collector type pieces included in the sale inventory . As you would imagine not a thing to get excited about but once again a portion of the items in the offering are listed with no reserves so there is the potential to get a bit of a bargain if run of the mill items are something you may want to consider !


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more boring as far as fresh rug world news the auction arena starts to heat up with at least 9 featured rug and textile productions on the fall calendar so far and most likely more to come . With that and the ubiquitous  “ART’s” fair in San Francisco running Oct. 21th through 23rd there will certainly be plenty of all manner of rugs , carpets and textiles to tempt your mind and of course wallet !

I get the feeling with all this activity on the calendar its time for everybody to get back in the pool!


New show alert !

The “New York International Carpet Show” is scheduled to run Sept.9th through 13th which is in the midst of NYC fashion week at the “Tunnell New York” , 269 11th ave between 27th & 28th streets . This was generally a new carpet production event but this year it will feature a large group of antique and collectible rug and carpet dealers ( 16-24 participants ) too. Many of the exhibitors you will  recognize from the ART’s shows, Caskey-Lees events and the Larta and Sartirana show’s will be exhibiting which should make it worth your while to checkout if your in the NYC area on these dates .


Out of town visitor !


Early morning road trip !


In these trying times”The Art of War” rings true everyday ! , Sheik Frederich , 2016.

Song o the week , D-A-D , Sleeping My Day Away on No Fuel Left for the Pilgrims , 1989 .

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