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The week starts with little or no fresh and relevant rug world news , as its been lately ! 



Celebrate National French Fry Day ! 

Netherhampton Salesroom , Salisbury , U.K. held their rug , textile and carpet auction today but up to this point no reports on how it turned out for them . Since they never posted the results of their last sale I guess maybe it’s gonna be word of mouth from now on ! 


Unaudited results from yesterday’s “Netherhampton” auction in Salisbury , U.K. turned up on “the saleroom.com” , another one of those online auction hosts and it appears that if these numbers are accurate the sale was only modestly successful for Ms Barrett and the Netherhampton rug dept. Out of the 341 items put up for sale just 182 may have found buyers if these figures hold up. That works out to to a sold percentage of right at 53+ % . Hardly anything to get amped up about but that’s not the difficult part . Only 3 lots broke the £ 1,000.00 threshold and many of the pieces that did sell brought right around £ 100.00 which makes this substantial size undertaking hardly profitable from what I can gather from these , of coarse unaudited results . Perhaps that’s why no results were posted from the previous sale on May 18th ! 

Je Suis , Nice ! 


On July 27th Christie’s , NYC is hosting a general antique auction titled ” Living With Art”  that will include 21 lots of carpets and textiles . Unfortunately all the items in the group fall into the decorative category , nothing at all for collectors . However the reason I even mention this sale is most all the carpets in the sale are being run over the podium with no reserve which is rare and could create a buying opportunity if your in the market for a room size rug !


Quiet !


Out of town visitors.

Unfortunately the week ends as it began with nothing in the way of current and noteworthy rug-dumb news !

Sometimes lame rhyme’s in the hands of the mentally challenged might turn into verbal B.S.? , Sheik Frederich , 2016.

Song o the week , Celtic Frost , Cherry Orchards on Parched With Thirst Am I and Dying , 1997 .

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