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Memorial Day , Reflect !



Quiet on the western front .


One more travel day in a long line of travel days !

On time and smooth take off.

Early but very bumpy arrival.


By far better weather in NYC than back in the O.C. but traffic is some of the worst I have encountered the city. Construction delays on all the main streets all over town.

First up , business is still on the slow side but everybody i came into contact with is in a good mood . Unlike my visit here last April no whining or complaining so far on this trip.

Numerous fresh and interesting items have already surfaced this morning so I get the feeling this excursion is gonna turn out fairly successful.


Rain in the forecast for today so that’s going to slow things down a bit , however commerce will move forward.

Rain turns out to be a none event but business concludes in a very positive manner  , so another successful sojourn to the East Coast is in the books.


Travel Day and it’s looks good so far !

Concerning the deluge of critical comments on the grammar and content of the Rapistan Review let me just say this . I am not a trained English journalist so I am going to end up “spelling” some words wrong so if that really bothers you that much I suggest you pass on following the blog because I am NEVER going to use an editor and accept any advice or input on the content . My blog , my opinions so if it doesn’t live up to your standards so sorry. As for the grammar / punctuation errors re- read the posts ,  many of them are intentional and for entertainment purposes . As always all comments are still welcome but they must be worth publishing and I prefer the sender to supply a real e mail address !

Spoke to soon late take off and screaming little kids . Happy flying !


Groganco’s sale general antique including 18 rugs and flat weaves is under way but as is his m.o.they don’t come up till the end of the auction so we are in a holding pattern for now .

Well the rug portion of the Grogan sale just wrapped up and it turned out to be a decent but not stellar preformance by Mr Grogan and the staff. Out of the 18 rug & carpet lots run over the podium 13 ended up finding new homes . Certainly not their best sold percentage but at about 72% not so bad either . Nothing in the way of upside pops but then there were no notable items in the modest inventory to spark excitement so it was to be expected . The prices fetched were for the most part within their pre- sale estimate ranges , a few a little over, a few a little under and that’s about all , folks .



J.T. at “Rugtracker” is back on the job with a new post titled “Re-entrant Carpets” .  As usual with him another excellent article well worth your time to check out !




First reports are coming in from the ART’s , Boston get together and it appears there is a reasonable crowd and modest amount of commerce being transacted . The photo spread on R.R. also looks pretty good . Let’s just hope this initial burst of business continues through out the weekend ,


Lack of fresh rug world news other than the Art’s show is a buzz kill at the Rapistan Review but it’s more or less the same every year heading into the summer doldrums. But then again there is more to life than rugs or textiles !


Shattered Sunday Silence !

Je Suis , Fort Hood , Charlie Hebdo ,  Boston , Bataclan , San Bernardino and now Orlando , Fla. !

Enough is infact enough . When will you recognize Radical Islamic terrorism as a threat Mr O.? , Sheik Frederich ,2016 .

Yuppies for the most part I can coexist with but millennial’s live in a bubble and for the majority of intents and purposes are possibly part brain brain dead ! , Sheik Frederich , 2016 .

Song o the week , Halestorm , Mayhem on Into the Wild Life , 2016 .

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