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Netherhampton Salesrooms , Salisbury , U.K.is back on the clock with their late Spring rug and textile spectacle scheduled on May 18th.

So after CLOSE inspection of the approximately 435 total lots of rugs , carpets and all manner of textiles to me it feels like all the rest of the recent Netherhampton offerings. Nothing in the way of a standout piece ,  just a large group of mid to low dealer type stock . However to be fair to Ms Barrett and the Netherhampton rug dept. there are a hand full of small items (#’s 10,48,464,501,505) that if your in the vicinity and can preview the lots inperson might turn out to be of minor interest. Unfortunately the catalog illustrations are not the best quality so a better item might suffer from a poor photo. This house moves a lot of affordable merchandise and stranger things have happened so if you are in the neighborhood it would certainly by worth your time to look over this substantial assortment of pieces !


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This last week there was nothing in the way of notable news as far as the rug business goes so there was nothing to blog about but never fear there are certainly better days ahead . God willing and the river don’t rise !


Just when you thought the rug business rolled over for good Mr Maltzahn and the gang at Rippon Boswell post the inventory of their upcoming May 29th general rug and textile sale in Wiesbaden , Germany  . This time around they are featuring 270 total lots of all types of rugs , carpets and textiles. “Vok Collection” sales aside the last couple of Rippon general sales have been somewhat on the uninteresting side however after going through the this group a few times it seems it’s a little more varied and absorbing . No real barn burners but quite a few fairly interesting pieces included for your bidding pleasure. I listed a few lots that caught my eye below but check it out and form your own conclusion as to the of this current Rippon offering !


Lot # 41 , Kazak , pre-sale estimate € 4,800.00 . Sort of a fragment but still very striking !

Lot # 162 , Bokhara susani , pre-sale estimate , € 16,500.00 .

Lot # 167 , The Burkett Saryk torba , pre-sale estimate , € 11,500.00 . In my opinion the high point in the Turkmen assortment included in this sale . Seems like a very reasonable starting point .








Mr Grogan and the staff at Grogan & Co., Boston , Ma have  a general antique auction scheduled on June 5th that includes 18 oriental rugs and carpets . Nothing special to get excited about but it’s a decent selection of nice pieces so it’s worth a minute or 2 of your time to take a quick look , you might see something you like.

3 weeks till NYC !


Christie’s , London held their “Dani & Anna Ghigo Coll.” sale today and it looks like it was only modestly successful venture for them. Out of the 55 rugs and carpets run across the podium 38 ended up attracting attention. A sold percentage of right at 70%. Not bad in this spotty market but considering it was known dealer merchandise not a surprise either . Nothing in the way of an upside burst as most of the pieces that sold brought figures at or near their pre- sale estimates . The max point of of the carpet portion of the sale was lot # 401 , Isphan carpet , pre- sale est. £ 30-50,000.00 which ended up selling for £ 56,250.00 including comm , slightly over the high estimate but that about it as far as highlights go. The one lot I featured in the earlier review , lot  # 258 Transylvanian rug , pre- sale est. £ 40-600.00 , sold , but well under the low pre-sale estimate at £ 30,000.00 including comm. Restoration or just being around the rug market to long could have contributed to it not selling for more ?

The tapestry portion of sale faired much better with 10 out of the 11 items offered finding new homes . Unfortunately for the Ghigo’s theses pieces also sold at or near their pre- sale estimates so there were no upside pops in that group either. The overall sale with all the ethnic items pretty much ran the same route at about 70 % sold . Again not bad but still most likely a bit of a disappointment for the consigner’s .

So there you have it another sale in the books at the rapidly approaching end of the Spring auction season !


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Beware of preconceived notions they tend to never turnout the way you thought they would in the beginning ! , Sheik Frederich , ,2016 .

Song o the week , The Leaves , Hey Joe on The Leaves , 1964 .

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