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Looks like we heading toward a very quite period as far as fresh rug world news , at least for the foreseeable future.IMG_0014


At this point in time the only thing the rug universe has to look forward to is the upcoming “Arts East” rug and textile fair in Boston , Ma. running June 10 thru June 12 .

Good Luck to all the exhibitors there.



Minor threat !

Bonham’s , Los Angeles is staging one of their periodic rug and textile auctions on May 23rd and its just slightly more interesting than the usual dribble they offer up. This time around the group consist of 284 pieces from most all the major weaving areas and for a change on this occasion rather than just a bunch of dealer castoffs i noticed 2 lots that at least warranted closer in person scrutiny which is unusual in itself .IMG_0015

Lot # 2228 , Pair Shahsevan Sumak bags . Pre- sale estimate $1-1,500.00 . A very realistic stating point depending on the AGE of the pieces ! Again buyer beware.


Lot # 2255 , Susani , pre-sale estimate $ 15-2,000.00 . Again it seems unusually conservative if it’s not a modern reproduction but it dependent on the age of the piece . It could be miscatalogued . Ditto !IMG_0017

Not a big deal in anyway but since we are immersed in a slow period better than nothing .



Mr Langauer and the gang at Austria Auction Co held their Spring rug and textile sale today and unfortunately it did not turn out the way I am sure they hoped it would. Out of the 216 total lots offers up for sale only 63 found new homes which works out to a sold percentage of just about 29 % . Nothing in the way of any upside surprises either. This is based on results posted by “Liveauctioneers”which is not the most reliable count by any means but still looks like this was fairly close to a major short fall for Udo and staff. However as in the past the rug dept. could work the phones in the next few days and pump up the sales total a bit , but this is still a fairly poor showing.

Like I mentioned in the earlier post this felt like a house cleaning / beginning collectors style inventory but inexpensive items had  been moving in some of the previous auctions this spring so I thought it might turn out a little more positive for the Austria Auction Co. Rug dept. but maybe there is “TO” much mid- to low end merchandise being dumped into to the European rug market ?

The large selection of mediocre Turkmen items in the offering were particularly weak !

Oh , well that’s the way it goes sometimes so back to the well beaten drawing board for Mr Langauer and crew . Better Luck next time !

Concerning the lot I “questioned” in the earlier post , lot# 14 , Shahsevan Soumak bag , pre- sale est. € 12-14,000.00 , as i expected it failed to attracted any buyer interest and went unsold . It did however create plenty of pre- sale chatter as to the questionable age and origin of the piece which with that and the fairly aggressive pre- sale estimate certainly could have contributed to it not selling !

Out of town visitors and commerce .


Quiet , May Day , quiet !

Buyer beware is certainly alive and well in the auction realm these days ! , Sheik Frederich , 2016.

Song o the week , Death Angel , ” Hatred United / United Hate ” on The Evil Divide , 2016 .

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