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The new comment ?IMG_0002

Every now and then you get a heckler that’s never happy and just won’t quit.

Seems I have new comment from the same critic who’s posted in the past under different names and he’s unhappy with my last post because I did not elaborate on a couple of minor rug events at Sotheby’s and Christies .

But the truth is i looked over the content of the sales and other than one of the Sotheby’s offerings that included one modestly interesting lot as I stated in the previous post there was nothing much worth blogging about.

If you want real activity your just gonna have to wait till the Christie’s , London sale on April 19th !

So there you have it and if that’s not good enough you can always change the channel . Once again hiding behind a fake e mail address does not instill much confidence in the knowledge of the “comments” author ! So for all ” intensive purposes ” these are my thoughts on the situation and thats the way they will stand !


The Chrisitie’s, London sale titled “Art’s & Textiles of the Islamic and Indian Worlds” scheduled on April 22nd features 35 textile lots and one susani. Regrettably nothing in the way of a stand out item as far as textiles or the susani goes but it is a  sale with 311 total lots so there’s plenty of interesting pieces to peruse . The susani does not appear to be notable especially as far as Vok Coll. standards go.IMG_0009

I did notice one lot worth a mention .

Lot # 385 , Ottoman Panel , 18th- 19th century . Pre- sale est. £ 7-10,000.00 . Considering the slim picking as far as textile items go in this sale it could be best of the bunch !


14 Days till NYC !





Udo and the crew at Austria Auction co. have announced their next rug and carpet extravaganza on April 30th in Vienna , Austria .

Unfortunately after a few passes through the 216 lot inventory I did not see anything to get amped up about. Plenty of decent clean items but nothing in the way of a stellar piece to get the carpet world buzzing . This is more reminisicent of a beginning collectors / house cleaning sale .The group includes a large selection of mid – range Turkmen pieces and low end flat weaves . Nothing wrong with that as modestly priced piece are moving pretty well in this spotty market but something special would have been nice.

Perhaps he’s holding back for now and planning something big for the upcoming fall season !

I did notice one questionable lot in the sale . Lot # 14 Shahsevan sumac bag , pre- sale est. € 12-14,000.00 . Just looks unusual to me ?



Christie’s , London is hosting a sale on May 12 titled “The Dani & Anna Ghigo Coll.” Pt. 2 that features features approximately 55 various rugs and carpets and 11 tapestries . Mr Ghigo was a fairly well known Antiquities and Carpet dealer in Italy and the inventory  reflects his reasonably selective taste . The rugs and carpets included in the sale are a diverse group covering most of the weaving regions . Nothing in the way of a real barn burner but still a few pretty interesting items . IMG_0006

One lot in particular # 258 , Transylvanian rug , pre- sale est. L 40-60,000.00 is the high water point of the rugs and carpets in the offering and could do well .

That said its an eclectic assortment and certainly worth your time to take a quick run through as there are plenty of other things in the sale besides rugs and carpets that might stimulate your imagination.





Sotheby’s held their “Caramoor” Center general antique sale today and from the point of view of the rugs , carpets and textile items included in the offering it was fairly successful outing for them.

Out of the 19 carpet lots run across the podium only 2 lots failed to command any interest.

Unfortunately for the Sotheby’s rug dept. they were the 2 star lots I featured in a previous post.

Lot # 109 , Small Pattern Holbein carpet , 15th- 16th century . pre-sale estimate $ 600-800.000.00 . Unsold

Lot # 177 , Caucasian Shield carpet , 18th century , pre- sale estimate $ 80-120,000.00. Unsold.

All though these were very special carpets  the pre- sale estimates were a little heavy on these items and maybe that scared potential bidders away!

All the textile lots ended up finding buyers.

Perhaps the Sotheby’s rug dept. will entertain offers now that the sale is over ?



The “Collection’s” sale that includes all the rug and carpet lots at Sotheby’s , NYC  went off today and it did not turn out to well for them. Out of the 41 items in the auction only 21 ended up finding new homes . A sold percentage of just above 50 %. Far from a raging success. Nothing in the way of upside surprises either , the pieces that did sell garnered modest prices . The Caucasian rugs and formal room size pieces ( French & needle work carpets ) were particularly weak. As for the lot I featured in a previous post it failed to find a buyer .

Lot # 703 Khotan carpet , pre- sale estimate , $ 10-15,000.00 . Unsold . Condition issues , over restoration , who knows ?

7 Days till travel , NYC !


Windy and silent !


Out of town visitors .

In reality it’s all really just an illusion and you never actually know what’s real ? , Sheik Frederich , 2016 .

Song o the week , Them , Baby Please Don’t Go on Them , 1964 .


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